Aug 22 2019

6 Tips for Managing Remote Employees in a Modern Enterprise

In the digital age, there are many things that have become the “norm” that were not available even ten years ago—for example, GPS wasn’t added to mobile phones until 2008 when Apple’s iPhone 3G came out. Can you imagine getting anywhere without your phone today? Technological advances benefit all areas of expertise, including human resources. They give us the tools to make tasks increasingly easier, more convenient, and more efficient in both our personal and professional lives. 


When there are areas that are increasingly automated, streamlined, and improved for communication, it makes for happier HR professionals and employees alike. In the past, the ability to work from home did not exist as a feasible option for the vast majority of workers. Now that the digital era has made it possible for so many people across the world to telecommute, the issue of managing remote employees has become a new challenge for HR staff. 

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Apr 04 2019

Uniting A Dispersed Workforce With A Company Intranet

The primary purpose a company intranet is to keep the public from accessing information and services that are only meant for a business and its employees. However, there is another important purpose the intranet serves which is to unite a dispersed workforce in an organization. Here is a look into the company intranet and how useful it can be in any company.

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Mar 19 2019

Building Effective Rewards and Employee Recognition

It pays to be truly great at employee recognition.


Organizations with a solid track record of recognizing team members enjoy stronger engagement, increased employee confidence, improved customer service and reduced turnover. Recognizing achievement can have serious ROI – to the mark of 50% higher productivity and as much as a 20% boost in business outcomes.  

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Mar 12 2019

Not for #Slackers: Internal Communication Tips

Successful organizations tend to have successful internal communications.  


In the present-day, digital age, the world of internal communication tools is progressing very quickly. Companies are starting to realize the positive impact effective communication and engaged employees have on overall business performance.  

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Mar 05 2019

7 Benefits to Integrating a Company Intranet

Clear and concise communication is essential for any roll in a business, and the quality of a company’s internal communication sets the stage for the future.


In the present-day digital age, it is important to have a tool that keeps your company connected. Here’s how you can utilize an intranet in your workplace to keep your company in sync, productive and having fun.

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Feb 26 2019

Enhance your HRIS with Cultural Transformation Software

Over the past decade or so, employee engagement has become somewhat of a trendsetter. Why? Because poor employee engagement is a company buzz-kill, and organizations are realizing that the demand to retain top talent is escalating. Fully engaged employees are far more likely to be satisfied, motivated and committed to their work and company.

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