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Benefits of Utilizing Onboarding

Ensuring your employees have a great onboarding experience is key to setting them up for a fantastic future with your enterprise. When workers get a positive feeling from what happens in those first few days, weeks, and months, it radiates back down to the rest of the organization.

This is where HR Cloud’s proprietary Onboard software comes in. This platform has the power to help drive engagement, increase productivity, and take your culture and brand to the next level. When employees are happy, it leads to lower employee turnover, a stronger reputation, and in the end, better work gets done so that your customers are happy too.

Solutions That Onboard Provides

We’re starting a revolution—welcome to the new age of employee onboarding. The following features will allow both the new team member and the HR professional to ward off headaches and have a mutually enjoyable experience throughout the process:

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Flexible enough to integrate with the
systems you already have
, such as ADP
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Personalized portal where
employees can build their own profile
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Find and complete all necessary
paperwork from one dashboard
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Smart checklists to track progress and
make sure steps are assigned to the
correct individuals and being done on time
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Immerse employees in company brand and
early on by customizing with your logo
letter icon
Make them feel special with a
welcome letter
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Handy perks like auto-filling of information
so things don’t feel so repetitive
shield icon
Everything stays protected, organized,
and compliant
within the app
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Pain-free notifications for
collaborative feel

Our Industries

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What Some of Our Happy Clients
Have to Say

“My favorite feature of HR Cloud is simply the ease of onboarding. I don’t have to wonder how our new hires are doing with their paperwork; I can log in and see their progress for myself. Not having actual papers to potentially lose is another huge plus.”

Photo of Carrie Dircks

Carrie Dircks, Director of Human Resources,
Peterson Companies, Inc.

“The onboarding process involves many groups, has strict legal compliance requirements, and is one of the first ways a new employee experiences the company. HR Cloud allows us to automate these complex processes with full audit tracking and reporting, all while giving our new team members a modern, convenient experience.”

Photo of Bryan Walley

Bryan Walley, Chief Operating Officer