Aquarius has a keen intellect, and they can put it to great use in the workplace. Self-motivated and open-minded, they are true originals, and have a foresight that other signs may struggle with. Aquarius wants their work to matter. They work best in an environment where they are left to themselves and allowed to work without any micro-managing. They don’t thrive in workplaces where they are constantly being looked in on and have to answer to a manager on a daily basis.


Aquarius works best with:

Aries, who are like minded pioneers in the workplace, unconcerned with structure. They don’t do well working with Pisces, who can be overly sensitive and tend to ignore boundaries.


Aquarius’ best work day:

Work style can be erratic, so there is no set day of the week that is best for them.


Ideal jobs for Aquarius:

Social worker, non-profit owner, professor, scientist, environmental activist, programmer, IT technician.


HR Cloud recommendations:

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