Libras are diplomatic and fair, as represented by the scales. They value justice and equality, while appreciating some wiggle room when it comes to hard and fast decisions. Libra thrives in a workplace that is aesthetically pleasing, with a tight-knit company culture, ideally where they are the one planning social events, work parties, and team building exercises. Libra may find working in cold, sterile environments like warehouses challenging to their social and aesthetic sensibilities.


Libra works best with:

Works well with most signs, as natural social butterflies. However, they might find Aries’ independence a bit off-putting when they’re trying to collaborate as a team.


Libras best work day:

Friday, when they can gather the crew together for some after-work drinks.


Ideal jobs for Libra:

Sales, author, HR manager, influencer, counselor, interior designer, judge, motivational speaker, teacher.


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