Taurus prefers a steady work routine. While they may be slow to get started on a project, once theyhave started, there is nothing that can stop them from finishing. They work best when given the opportunity to work at a slow, steady pace. Taurus likes their work environment to be beautiful and comfortable, and thrive in a secure, stable setting where they are encouraged to work at their own pace. They may struggle in a fast-paced, constantly changing workspace.


Taurus works best with:

Cancer, who share their love of all things homey and will support them when they show signs of stress. They will find working with Aquarius challenging, as their quick minds and idiosyncrasies often seem to leave Taurus behind.


Taurus’ best work day:

Comes when they have the opportunity to rest on weekends or days off.


Ideal jobs for Taurus:

Banking & finance, chef, beauty industry, artist, agriculture, botany


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