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Onboard Features

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Electronic Signatures

Give new hires the ability to sign documents and forms electronically to save time and eliminate paperwork.

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Personalized Portals

Create a personalized portal for new hires to access all the documents
and content they need to complete the onboarding process.

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Intuitive Dashboard

Now any user can see where a new hire stands in the
onboarding process, overdue tasks, overall progress,
and valuable other hiring metrics.

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Employee Self-Onboarding

Self-service access—using a desktop computer or mobile device
—to onboarding checklists, documents, and forms helps new
hires complete the process themselves.

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Checklists & Form Builder

Hiring teams can create custom checklists and forms to make sure
they capture exactly the right information, every step of the way.

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I-9 & E-Verify

Onboard walks you through the process to complete I-9 forms,
and our E-Verify solution electronically verifies that newly hired
employees are legally authorized to work in the United States.