Gemini is adept at being all things to all people. If there is a lot of work to be done in different areas, Gemini is a great go-to. Known for their adaptability and proficiency at multitasking, Gemini needs their mind stimulated in order to be their best at work. If they encounter a task that they find uninteresting, they might become listless and try to move on to something else before it is done. Gemini excels in a workplace that has many moving parts, and this jack-of-all-trades, master of none doesn’t do well in an environment where they can expect the same thing to happen every day.


Gemini works best with:

Sagittarius, a fellow free spirit that deals with the bigger picture while Gemini focuses on the details. Gemini may become impatient with Taurus and their deliberate, cautious nature.


Gemini's best work day:

Friday, when loose ends need to be tied up quickly before the weekend.


Ideal jobs for Gemini:

Journalist, lawyer, media, communications, engineering, writer, publicist.


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