Pisces tend to become emotionally invested in whatever it is they do, with an idealism bordering on over-optimism. Oftentimes, things they worked hard on tend to get overlooked, which can cause them to become resentful, but they often won’t speak up for fear of disrupting the status quo. Pisces has an intuition bordering on psychic ability, and extremely strong empathy, which can lead to them needlessly taking on coworkers’ stresses. Pisces work best in an open, caring environment where everyone’s needs are taken into account with compassion and sensitivity. They don’t do well in a fast- paced, harsh environment.


Pisces works best with:

Capricorn, who are willing to make important decisions that Pisces would rather not deal with. Pisces has a harder time working with Virgo, who rely on facts while Pisces is driven by intuition.


Pisces’ best work day:

Thursday, when the bulk of their work week is finished and they can relax into the weekend.


Ideal jobs for Pisces:

Charity work, photographer, musician, artist, tarot reader/astrologer, therapist.


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