Sagittarius is optimistic and loves to have fun, but alongside those traits they also bring a secretly strong work ethic. It’s not unusual to see Sagittarius supposedly shirking their duties, only to find that they have already completed everything on their to-do list. Sagittarius thrives in an environment where they can interface with people on a regular basis, provide guidance, and have some fun while they’re at it. They might not do as well in a staid, solemn work environment.


Sagittarius works best with:

Gets along well with fellow fun-loving Leo; this team can make work seem like play. They tend to do less well with Cancer teammates, who can take their playful teasing to heart.


Sagittarius’ best work day:

Busy Saturday at a customer-facing job.


Ideal jobs for Sagittarius:

Hospitality worker, personal trainer, coach, translator, customer service, travel agent.


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