Virgo is an all-around great coworker, with a conscious approach to their work and a knack for handling everything down to the smallest detail. Virgo is the one you go to when you are having trouble working out a system or synthesizing information. They thrive when they are in service to others, whether it be in a supportive role or as an encouraging manager. They may find it difficult to work in a job that doesn’t have any structure or established chain of command.


Virgo works best with:

Fellow Earth sign Taurus, who values practicality and security just as much as Virgo. Virgo may find pushy Aries a challenge to collaborate with in the workplace.


Virgos’ best work day:

Brings the same work ethic to every day of the week, and even the weekends sometimes, too.


Ideal jobs for Virgo:

Systems analyst, accountant, scientific researcher, teacher, personal assistant, mathematician, editor.


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