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Ineffective communication is common challenge organizations face in creating an excellent employee experience. If you are noticing communication breakdowns in your company, here are some factors that could be contributing:

  • Lack of transparency from leadership,
  • Insufficient feedback processes,
  • Siloed teams and departments, and
  • Unreliable technology/tools.

When leadership does not communicate openly about company direction and decisions, employees feel left in the dark. Providing regular feedback is essential so employees understand expectations and have opportunities to improve. Silos between teams or departments can hinder information sharing and collaboration across the organization. And unreliable or inadequate communication technology like email or instant messaging can lead to missed messages and misunderstandings

Company Announcements

Workmates delivers a better way to send company announcements, broadcast important information, and track employee acknowledgments.

Critical and Urgent Communication

Ensure the safety of your workforce with real-time weather alerts. Our Crisis communication software keeps your employees informed about severe weather conditions so they can make informed decisions, whether it's about remote work arrangements or office closures.

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