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Crisis Communication Management

Everything you need to communicate as-it-happens - in one place.
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How is Workmates' Crisis Communication Different?

Spread the word quickly - without the chaos. Workmates' suite of tools keeps crisis
communication uncomplicated.

Make Work Easier

Move quickly

Time is your most precious resource during a crisis. Don't waste a moment on communicaiton logistics - leave that to workmates.

Boost Company Culture


Prepare for crisis before it happens. Workmates' tool guide your team to expect the unexpected.

Reduce Turnover


Don't waste a second wondering how your crisis menagment platform works. Workmates’ simple, intuitive interface lets you focus on taking action.

Mobile First
Cut through the noise with a text alerting your team to the crisis. Send an SMS to selected or all team members with the click of a button in your Workmates’ dashboard.
Kudos and Rewards Kudos and Rewards
Sound the Alarm with a Single Button
Don’t let communication be the crisis. Configure customized “panic buttons” to contact the appropriate team members on their preferred devices. Select by location, department, and more.
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Plan Ahead
Easily create and distribute quizzes, digital signage, and other compliance alerts to ensure your team is trained and ready for crises.
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Simple 2-Way Crisis Communication
Create customized questions and responses so your team can confirm their safety, share their location, and more during a crisis.
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Weather Alert Updates for Employee Safety
Ensure the safety of your workforce with real-time weather alerts. Our Crisis communication software keeps your employees informed about severe weather conditions so they can make informed decisions, whether it's about remote work arrangements or office closures.
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