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There’s a better way to collaborate with today’s modern technology teams. Workmates is a single, all-in-one engagement app that keeps your employees connected, productive, and happy.

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Improve the Way You Engage with Technology Teams Both Far and Near

It can be easy for technology employees to feel disconnected from your company and overall culture, especially if they work remotely. Workmates is the industry-leading employee engagement tool to connect and collaborate with technology teams across the country and the world.

  • Improve your next product release with a custom feed that gives everyone exactly the information they need.
  • Create fun employee surveys and polls to hear what worked well with this launch – and what could be better next time.
  • Create online communities for product managers to share their latest go-to-market strategy documentation.
  • Build a better employee directory, complete with employees’ names, pictures, and profiles. If Marketing has a question for the Legal department about a vendor contract, they can quickly find the right person and collaborate faster than ever.
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A Better Way to Communicate with Dispersed Technology Teams

Today’s tech teams are comfortable working remotely but often struggle to stay connected and up to speed. Workmates streamlines communication with all of your technology employees – wherever they happen to be – to ensure that everyone is always in the loop for relevant projects, start to finish. Workmates is a single centralized platform that improves essential internal communication for tech teams used to working with modern productivity tools and apps.

  • Any user can create or update content for the whole company’s benefit. For example, Marketing can upload a new personas document and automatically distribute it to everyone in Sales and Product Management.
  • Lead generation teams can share results from their last campaign with sales to align on goals and next steps, all in real time.
  • Customer success teams can message product management on their dedicated channel to relay product feedback from their recent customer meeting.
  • HR can send important documents and announcements and collect e-signatures from employees who work at home.
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“It is very user-friendly, we're able to access documents in a timely fashion and for multiple employees.”

Judy A.

Biotechnology Industry

Recognize and Reward Employees in the Tech Industry in Real Time and Across Teams

“Out of sight” should never mean out of mind, especially when it comes to recognizing remote employees in the tech industry. Workmates promotes natural peer-to-peer recognition and makes it part of your ongoing company culture – driving employee productivity and satisfaction to new highs.

  • Your VP of Sales can publicly recognize the efforts of the newest sales operations manager for her role in exceeding this quarter’s quota.
  • A product manager can officially thank the software developer responsible for fixing a software bug that could have derailed the product launch.
  • Marketing teams can show their gratitude for internal SMEs willing to write a blog, participate in a webinar, or find the next case study.
  • Your creative director can give a virtual high five to the web developer who worked nights and weekends to relaunch your company’s new site.
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Workmates Mobile App

The Workmates Mobile App

Finally, a platform built with the tech user in mind. Now you can give your technology employees access to the same tools they’d use in the office but on their mobile device.

The Workmates mobile employee engagement app offers a modern, intuitive design that exceeds employees’ high expectations compared to other third-party apps. They can quickly access vital information – such as Engineering’s latest org chart – or share their own updates in a centralized newsfeed. They can even share those updates with specific teams or the entire workforce.

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Proven Integrations to the Tools You Use Every Day

Workmates delivers easy integrations to all the third-party systems you’re using now – and an easy-to-use API for all the rest. Whether you’re looking to get even more out of Slack, Zoom, Microsoft Teams – or other employee tool – our proven integrations help you increase employee engagement, communication, and collaboration.

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