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Revolutionize Your Workplace Culture with Company Challenges

Inspire employees and create a more dynamic and engaged culture with our innovative Challenge feature.

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Create a Thriving Workplace with Customizable Challenges Tailored to Your Business
Bring out the best in your team with tailor-made challenges, courtesy of Workmates. Dial in the frequency, add a finish line, and reward success with custom badges
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Elevate Your Team and Recognize Challenge Winners
Recognize your top talent by sharing challenge winners on your company feed. Watch as employee morale soars and the virtual high-fives fly in the comments section.
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Streamlined Approval Process
Take control of your company challenges with customizable approval workflows. Give autonomy with automatic approvals or maintain oversight with admin involvement.
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Make Challenges Fun
for Everyone With Redeemable Points
Foster a winning culture that includes everyone. Empower your employees to earn points and redeem them for rewards, regardless of the challenge outcome.
Kudos and Rewards Kudos and Rewards

How Workmates Customers are Upgrading their Workday

Workmates helps customers from all sectors boost their employee experience.

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"One of the biggest benefits from using the HR Cloud® Workmates platform is that our Associates are more connected to both the company and each other. Associates can comment, react, and provide feedback directly through the platform from their smartphone or desktop devices."

Danielle Nickerson

Human Resource Specialist

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"Our favorite tool in HR Cloud has to be the Kudos with points and the ability to create a custom 'storefront."

Andrea Bermudez

Organizational & Talent Development Manager

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"My favorite aspect of Workmates is its ability to seamlessly issue gift cards that employees can choose for themselves."

Gail Gust

Director of Marketing and Bussiness Development

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"Our staff has praised the increased communications level Workmates delivers. We use it to communicate important project matters and give staff specific ‘kudos’. More importantly, we use Workmates to clarify project details that needed rapid dissemination among the entire team."

Christopher Baggott

Chief Executive Officer

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