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HR Software for the Hospitality Industry

Streamline your workforce management, trim down expenses, boost staff morale, and ensure you stay on the right side of the law. Whether you're running a cozy inn or a string of hotels, our solution simplifies your HR tasks, giving you the freedom to focus on creating unforgettable experiences for your guests.

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Quick and Easy Decentralized HR Management for Manufacturing Teams

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Onboarding Solutions for Hospitality

Harness the power of our onboarding platform to simplify the onboarding journey for your hospitality team, igniting productivity and enthusiasm from day one. Experience personalized onboarding tailored to suit the unique requirements of each department, with customizable workflows that facilitate precise training and smooth transitions.

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Applicant Tracking System for HR Hospitality

Transform the way you recruit in the hospitality sector. Our Applicant Tracking System (ATS) revolutionizes the hiring process, making interview scheduling and coordination a breeze across different departments and locations. Seamlessly integrated with our onboarding tool, it speeds up hiring while ensuring a welcoming experience for new team members. With our ATS, hospitality businesses can effortlessly attract top-notch talent and elevate guest satisfaction.

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"Our hiring managers now have a reliable system that is easy to navigate. Our HR team can actively monitor the process, and assist if needed, but Onboard has helped them save so much valuable time and effort while increasing data accuracy. All of this has helped us improve compliance and gives us a powerful tool to achieve even more results in the future."

Kaylee Collins | HR Analyst

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Hospitality Staff Time-Off Coordination Made Easy

Our employee time-off software for hospitality streamlines the process of requesting, approving, and tracking time off, to ensure smooth operation and adequate staffing levels for your company. With customizable vacation policies for different departments or roles, you can effectively manage employee leave. Time off prevents scheduling conflicts by allowing managers to set blackout dates and ensures accurate record-keeping of employee absences.

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Employee Performance

Advanced HR Management System for Hospitality Businesses

In the hospitality sector, efficient employee records and document management are essential for maintaining organizational integrity. With HR Cloud, you can streamline internal processes and policies, promoting clarity and uniformity throughout the company. It will help you with tracking licenses and certifications required for various positions, ensuring adherence to regulatory standards. Customizable security roles within our HR tool, enable you to allocate permissions based on individual roles and responsibilities, thereby fortifying data security and access control measures.

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Looking to Engage Your Employees?
Take a look at our Employee Engagement Software for Manufacturing

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