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How HR Cloud Complies With GDPR

Giving you more control to keep your employees’ Personal Identifiable Information safe

gdpr compliant software
What is GDPR Compliance?

Short for General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR is a new regulation that gives European Union (EU) citizens greater control over their data. It replaces the previous laws set forth in the 1995 Data Protection Derivative and applies to any company either operating in the EU or that has customers within its borders. Failure to ensure GDPR compliance may result in hefty fines of $20 million or more.

What is GDPR Compliance?
Privacy statement
New Privacy Laws Under the GDPR

What makes GDPR compliance for US companies different than previous laws? A few things actually. Most notably, EU citizens now have the right to know how their data is being used, the right to restrict access to their personal data and have it erased, and the right to transfer their data to a different controller at any time. Read our full blog post for more information.

GDPR and HR Cloud

As an HR Cloud customer, how does GDPR affect you? We take great pride in ensuring your data is handled properly. Your new hires, potential clients and soon-to-be customers can now access the data you've collected and remove consent at any time. They can also process data rights requests and will be notified of any data breaches within the 72 hour limit. In a nutshell, HR Cloud meets all GDPR compliance requirements!

GDPR and HR Cloud
New Privacy Laws Under the GDPR
Your Privacy is Our Top Priority

That's why we'll continue to refine our privacy policy as the GDPR compliance for websites regulations evolve. From a business standpoint, your organization can easily see who's consented in the Consent History report. Should an employee refuse to consent collection, they'll immediately be logged out of the system. This protects everyone — employee, user, and system — from non-compliance and fines.

Compliance on Your Terms

Need to configure your own customer Terms and Conditions agreements, but don't want the hassle? We've made it easier than ever to update your company's T&Cs with GDPR compliant sample text and pre-written templates. Ready to fly solo? Build your own agreements from the ground up in our software instead.

Once your agreements are finalized, employees can log in to accept or reject them. Should they choose the latter, they'll immediately be locked out of their account until consent is given, ensuring compliance with GDPR policies.

New Privacy Laws Under the GDPR
New Privacy Laws Under the GDPR
Control Integrations

Worried you're doing all you can to comply with the new regulation, but it still won't be enough? Don't be! We've gone to incredible lengths to build a GDPR compliant software. If you happen to use one of the disqualified integrations, you'll be notified. Access to them can still be achieved under special circumstances, though. The process is outlined here.

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