Time-off Tracking

Easily manage and track all PTO, vacation, and leave requests from one system. From calendar integrations to automatic notifications—and everything in between—HR Cloud® takes care of time-off for you.
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How Does it Work?

Give employees valuable self-service access to updated vacation, sick, and PTO time. Increase employee satisfaction and HR productivity all at the same time.

One-click Time-Off Requests

Not only can employees easily check policies, balances, and accruals, but they can easily request time off in just one click.

Manager Approvals

Managers immediately receive the request and can take the appropriate action. The employee is notified in email for a seamless workflow.

Centralized and Secure

The HR Cloud® time and attendance system consolidates all employee requests, approvals, and accruals so you can manage all time-tracking data, all in one secure system.

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How Does it Work?

Our time and attendance system gives HR teams valuable, centralized visibility into employees’ time-off requests, accrual balances, past requests, and everything related to PTO time.

Custom Time-Off Requests

If your company has different time off or additional ways of requesting time off, we can help. The HR Cloud® system gives you the ability to customize time-off request workflows in the way that works for you.

Approve Time-Off Requests

Say goodbye to verbal responses or even approvals on paper forms. Now HR receives time-off requests as part of efficient digital workflows, and can approve them in just one click.

Balances and Accruals Overview

HR teams now have complete visibility into real-time balances and accruals, so they can stay on top of employees’ requests and comply with policies at all times.

Absence Tracking

As part of the larger time and attendance system, HR Cloud® provides absence management capabilities, so HR can track absences, communicate to employees, and stay up to date at all times.

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Learn More About Powerful Time-Tracking Capabilities

Download our time-tracking guide to see how you can consolidate time-off requests, empower employees with self-service access, and automate your entire time and attendance system.

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Integrations with All Your Favorite Tools

Onboard is just the beginning. Our powerful suite of onboard software helps with every step of the employee cycle and integrates with all of your favorite third party tools. Recruitment, applicant tracking, performance management, payroll, background checks—HR Cloud® has got hiring covered. Explore the integrations here, and experience what your HR workflow should look like.

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Enterprise-Grade Security

HR Cloud® takes data privacy very seriously and works hard to meet security requirements on every solution we offer. When it comes to safeguarding employee data, offering the latest tools and protection, and helping you comply with the strictest regulations, your security is our top concern.

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