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Game-Changing Employee App for the Hospitality Industry

Optimize Employee Connectivity with Mobile-Centric Solutions - Transform the way your workforce interacts with a purpose-built app tailored to the dynamic landscape of deskless roles within hospitality. Seamlessly connect teams, streamline communication, and offer personalized recognition, all within a user-friendly mobile interface.

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Workmates has helped so many organizations improve the employee experience, transform their company culture, and turn employee engagement into a business advantage. See how we can help you, too.

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Keep Your Team Connected, Informed, and Engaged with Employee Engagement Software for Hospitality

Harness Engagement Excellence with Workmates: Elevate your hospitality workforce with our comprehensive engagement solution. By leveraging features like intranet connectivity, feedback mechanisms, and campaign management, Workmates cultivates a culture of involvement and empowerment, resulting in happier employees, satisfied guests, and enhanced business performance.

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Employee Engagement

Communication that Reaches Everyone Whether They're on the Frontline or in an Office

Enhance employee communication and collaboration with our communication software designed for the unique needs of hospitality teams. With features like centralized announcements and dedicated discussion channels, Workmates fosters effective communication and teamwork. During emergencies, our platform enables swift coordination, prioritizing staff safety and empowering employees to champion organizational initiatives.

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"One of the biggest benefits from using the HR Cloud® Workmates platform is that our Associates are more connected to both the company and each other. Associates can comment, react, and provide feedback directly through the platform from their smartphone or desktop devices."

Danielle Nickerson | Human Resource Specialist

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Stand Out in Hospitality With Our Recognition App

Empower hospitality staff with tools to acknowledge and celebrate achievements, nurturing a culture of appreciation and motivation vital in the fast-paced hospitality sector. Elevate employee morale and retention by recognizing their contributions and fostering a positive work environment.

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