HR Software for the Manufacturing industry

Improve your manufacturing workforce management with our HR software suite. From recruitment to performance optimization, our tools help your HR be more productive. With mobile responsiveness and a dedicated app, stay connected and productive on the go. Our user-friendly system ensures high adoption rates in blue-collar industries. Easily manage your workforce with decentralized HR management.

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Quick and Easy Decentralized HR Management for Manufacturing Teams

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Streamlined Employee Onboarding for Manufacturing

Onboard simplifies the employee onboarding process for manufacturing companies. With its intuitive interface, you can efficiently bring new hires into your team, ensuring they quickly are up to full productivity. From digital documentation and training modules to safety protocol acknowledgment, Onboard ensures compliance and gets your new workforce up and running in no time.

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Employee Onboarding
Leave management

Effortless Leave Management for Manufacturing Teams

Time Off is your answer to efficient leave management in manufacturing. Track and manage employee vacations, sick days, and any other time-off requests. Maintain optimal staffing levels, reducing production disruptions. Additionally, you can create custom leave policies tailored to the unique needs of your facility, ensuring employee availability while respecting their work-life balance.

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"Our hiring managers now have a reliable system that is easy to navigate. Our HR team can actively monitor the process, and assist if needed, but Onboard has helped them save so much valuable time and effort while increasing data accuracy. All of this has helped us improve compliance and gives us a powerful tool to achieve even more results in the future."

Kaylee Collins | HR Analyst

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Recruitment app

Don’t Miss a Step Between Talent Acquisition and Onboarding

Recruit empowers manufacturing companies to find, attract, and hire top talent with ease. Built for the unique needs of the industry, it streamlines the recruitment process, from posting job openings to conducting interviews, and then integrates it to the next step - our onboarding software. With intuitive candidate management and collaboration features, Recruit ensures that you build a skilled and reliable workforce that contributes to your manufacturing excellence.

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Evaluate Employee Performance on Relevant Metrics

With Perform within the manufacturing sector, employee performance is optimized. It offers a suite of tools for setting performance goals, conducting evaluations, and fostering continuous improvement. By aligning employee goals with manufacturing objectives, Perform ensures that your workforce operates at its highest potential, resulting in increased productivity and quality output.

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Employee Performance
Employee Offboarding

Efficient Employee Departure Management in Manufacturing

Offboard simplifies and streamlines the employee departure process for manufacturing companies. Whether due to retirement, resignation, or contract completion, it guides you through a thorough and compliant offboarding process. Ensure that all assets are returned, access rights are revoked, and knowledge transfer occurs smoothly. Offboard helps maintain a positive employer brand, even when employees leave, ensuring a smooth transition for all involved.

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Looking to Engage Your Employees?
Take a look at our Employee Engagement Software for Manufacturing

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Integrations with HR Cloud

Integrations with All Your Favorite Tools

Our robust HR software suite for manufacturing extends its support across every phase of the employee lifecycle, seamlessly integrating with all your preferred third-party tools. From recruitment and applicant tracking to performance management, payroll, and background checks, HR Cloud® offers comprehensive solutions for your hiring needs. Delve into the array of integrations available here and envision the optimized flow of your HR processes.

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