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An All-In-One HR Solution
for the Healthcare Industry

Improve HR management in healthcare with our human resources software, built to streamline all the processes from recruitment to offboarding, giving your whole team the support they need.

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Quick and Easy Decentralized HR Management for Healthcare Teams

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Comprehensive HR Software for Healthcare

Automate the reporting of work incidents, ensuring timely and accurate documentation to meet regulatory requirements and promote workplace safety. You can also employ forms to distribute questionnaires, preventing the oversight of crucial information over time and fostering thoroughness in data collection for improved decision-making and compliance. Track company vehicles and assign them to employees for house calls using our asset management feature, facilitating resource allocation and enhancing operational efficiency in healthcare delivery.

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Seamless Onboarding Solutions for Healthcare Professionals

Simplify your healthcare onboarding process with our intuitive solution. Onboard effortlessly handles multilingual support, automates paperwork distribution, and centralizes collection of new hire records such as licenses and immunizations in order to increase your speed to productivity. Empower your team with self-onboarding options while maintaining compliance with E-Verify regulations to ensure that your healthcare workers are ready and cleared to work sooner.

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"With Onboard, as soon as a new hire completes our detailed onboarding checklist, which includes federal, state, and industry forms, I am fully confident that I can put them in the field right away, without any compliance concerns."

Michael Hawkins

Franchise Owner

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Streamlined Talent Acquisition in the Healthcare Industry

Our recruitment software can be effortlessly tailored for the healthcare industry. Track applicants and customize their statuses throughout the hiring process, ensuring clear communication and efficient candidate management for everyone included. Maximize your recruitment efforts with intuitive tools designed to simplify processes and enhance your ability to find the best talent in the healthcare field.

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Performance Software for Healthcare Employees

Streamline healthcare performance reviews with customized software. Revolutionize performance management in healthcare with our tailored software solution. Customize reviews for specific job roles, aligning goals with organizational objectives. Track progress and deliver feedback seamlessly within one digital platform, saving time and ensuring accuracy with automated processes.

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Time Off Made Simple for Healthcare Workers

Manage your healthcare workforce PTO with our specialized time off software. From nurse scheduling to doctor leave tracking, our platform caters to the unique needs of healthcare facilities. You will stay compliant with regulations while simplifying administrative tasks. Empower your healthcare staff to manage their time off efficiently, allowing them to focus on delivering top-quality patient care.

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HR Automation

Efficient HR Administration and Ensured Compliance

Our human resources platform keeps tabs on training and procedure expiration dates, making sure your healthcare organization stays compliant with regulations. Use Portals to share important work procedures and policies, like changes in company policies, promoting transparency and clarity across the board. You can also personalize tasks to send safety training videos to staff, then follow up with questionnaires to ensure everyone grasps the essential info. Our platform makes it easy to keep track of certificate and license expirations, so you're always ahead of the game for renewals. Plus, securely store emergency contacts for quick access during urgent situations.

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