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A great employee experience is a win-win in healthcare. The right experience drives employee engagement and productivity while empowering the entire workforce to provide the best patient care.

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Improve Communication
Improve Communication

HR Cloud now gives all employees fast, easy access to the information they need. Whether they’re in an office, hospital, or providing home-based care, healthcare employees will never miss a beat.

Interim HealthCare SLC

Interim HealthCare SLC partnered with HR Cloud to gain a new way to attract and retain top healthcare talent.

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Fast, Easy Onboarding

New hires should be filling out patient charts, not HR forms. With HR Cloud, you’ll automate onboarding processes so new employees can immediately focus on patient care.

Fast, Easy Onboarding
Create Customized Forms
Create Customized Forms

Limitless options, unmatched productivity. Our solutions let HR and other users design custom fillable forms that can be accessed and completed on any device.