Tips for Recruiting for the Healthcare Field

Aug 16, 2021
Tips for Recruiting for the Healthcare Field
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The healthcare field is always expanding and there are many jobs that each facility is going to try and recruit for. You now have to focus your recruitment efforts to hire more people than normal while finding there is a lot of competition for the people who will work for you. 

If you are trying to recruit more talent for your healthcare facility and you find that it is difficult to accomplish, then it is time to utilize some new and innovative recruiting tips to make it easier. A few of the top tips for improving your recruiting strategies to attract the best talent in the healthcare field include:

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1.     Benefits are Important

The recruitment process can be tough in the healthcare field without having many superior benefits that you can offer to any recruit you want. If the only thing you focus on is the salary and a few days off,  you may find it impossible to find the job seeker that you want. With so many companies hiring and so few potential candidates with the right skills to fill them, you need to incentivize with those benefits. 

Start with the basics with a good 401k and some PTO guaranteed for the new hire. Without these, you have no chance. But you need to take it to the next level as well. You need to offer more customizable benefits to draw in the top talent you need and get them to stay with you. 

There are different ways that you can offer this. Provide some flexible PTO and sick time and make sure there is good work and life balance. See if you can add in any other perks, outside of a good salary, that can bring your employee in the door. A good sign-on bonus can be helpful too. 

2.     Be Transparent

Hiding information from your potential hires is the quickest way to make them run out the door. Your employees do not want to find out you are hiding details from them or not telling them the truth. Often they may feel that you are trying to trick them and with many other opportunities right around the corner, their patience for dealing with this is gone. 

If you do not provide clarity about the onboarding process or what is expected in the role, it provides too much confusion and a lack of support. Healthcare workers want to feel like you are being open and honest with them and they do not want surprises. 

It may be tempting to hide the long hours or the drawn-out onboarding process. This is not a good idea. Tell the potential hire about it and then explain that it is the procedure to make sure that new employees feel confident in their new role. Some may still walk away, but many will appreciate the honesty and will continue on with the process. 

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3.     Provide Opportunities to Advance

While an employee may come on with a lower position, they always want to see there is the possibility to advance over time. If you will not provide this opportunity, then they will quickly take a look at all the other open positions that do offer this. Keep in mind that a high-educated medical professional will be foolish to not seek out a job where they can grow and advance. 

With all of the offers, you plan to share with potential hires, make sure that advancement is highlighted as well. Let them know that advancement is a possibility for them and even outline some of the steps they can take to make this a reality as well. 

Overall, your goal should be to only hire someone new when the people you already hired have been able to advance within the company. If you hire for advanced positions outside of your company, it will not take long for others to get frustrated and start to leave, increasing your turnover rate.

4.     Make Personal Connections

Many people will not choose to take a job because they feel like they will just become another number that no one cares about. This is also a major reason why so many people leave. There is nothing comforting about spending so many hours of your life at a company that can’t remember your name. 

As you create some new recruiting opportunities, you need to make sure that your genuine interest in the candidates is showing through. If they feel like you have no interest in them during the recruiting process, they will assume that things do not get better and they may take another job. 

There are different ways that you can do this. Sending out personalized emails is a start and even makes personal phone calls to check on them and set up times and meetings. If possible, try to remember some of the personal details about that hire. This may not be possible at the first meeting, but if you get together more than once, it is imperative. 

Your potential hire is going to notice this attention. And in many cases, that personal attention is going to be the difference between you getting them onboard or them choosing another company. 

Your goal is to find small things that you can do to make the potential hire feel like they are important and not another number to you. Thinking outside the box and being a little creative will help you to get their attention and bring them into your company and improve your company culture.

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Recruiting the Talent You Need

There are a lot of qualified candidates out there for you to recruit. The problem happens when you realize many other healthcare organizations are in the same position as you. This leaves these qualified candidates with plenty of opportunities and lots of choices when it comes to the job they want to choose. 

If you want to recruit this talent to come work for you, it is time to think outside the box and give them an offer they can’t refuse. When you are ready to recruit the top talent to your facility, use the tips for recruiting that we discussed above. 



About Author: This article is written by our marketing team at HR Cloud. HR Cloud is a leading provider of HR solutions, including recruiting, onboarding, employee engagement, and intranet software. Our aim is to help your company improve employee engagement, employee productivity, and to save you valuable time!

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