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The #1 Employee Engagement Solution for the Restaurant Industry

Now there’s a better way to keep fast casual and restaurant employees highly engaged. With HR Cloud®, your entire workforce will be highly motivated, extremely productive, and deliver superior customer service.

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Create Employee Advocates
Create Employee Advocates

HR Cloud® gives you the tools you need to turn your entire team into powerful brand advocates and company promoters. This helps boost your company’s marketing/sales, recruiting and brand awareness while reducing your online marketing and recruiting costs.

Kudos and Rewards

One of the most effective ways to increase employee engagement and drive motivation is through the use of an employee recognition and rewards solution. HR Cloud® delivers with a powerful platform and our “kudos” feature.

Kudos and Rewards
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Group Channels
Group Channels

Users can create private, secure group channels to foster teamwork, improve collaboration, and enable information sharing with smaller teams.

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