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A Better Way to Engage Retail Employees

HR Cloud’s Workmates solution helps retailers engage and communicate with employees, recognize and reward their efforts and accomplishments, and motivate them to do their best. In an industry facing increased competition, razor-thin profit margins, and high employee turnover, Workmates is the key to retailers’ success.

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4.6 rating on G2 and 4.6 rating on Capterra 4.6 rating on G2 and 4.6 rating on Capterra
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Workmates is a better way to increase employee satisfaction, engagement, and retention for all of your retail workers.

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Empower Your Employees, Wherever They Happen to Work

The Workmates mobile app gives retail employees the best way to access information, communicate, and engage with your company. It’s an important advantage in retail where most employees don’t have regular access to a computer or laptop.

Not only can you give your entire workforce the best tools for engagement, communication, collaboration, and recognition, but you’ll create a positive user experience for all retail employees to make your company truly stand apart from the competition.

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Mobile Workmates Application Mobile Workmates Application
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The Best Way to Engage Your Retail Workforce

Engaging retail employees is crucial to boosting morale and motivation, leading to higher productivity and better customer service. With Workmates, retailers can truly engage their employees to reduce turnover costs and foster a positive, consistent shopping experience for customers.

  • Department or store managers can create satisfaction surveys to collect feedback from retail associates on what’s working well and what could be improved.
  • A cashier can celebrate a coworker’s promotion to assistant floor manager.
  • Any employee can post an update to recognize another worker’s birthday, work anniversary, or most recent achievement.
  • Assistant managers can set up a custom channel to connect with their peers in other stores and learn from their experiences.
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Keep Retail Employees Informed – and Motivated – with Workmates

With Workmates, you can ensure every employee – from store associates to management – are constantly informed and up to date on company policies, promotions, org charts, and much more. It all adds up to real benefits: better communication, fewer misunderstandings, and a team approach to achieving your specific goals.

  • Store managers can create different channels for each department in the store to communicate just the right information to each group.
  • Managers can use company announcements to celebrate an associate’s latest accomplishment.
  • Employees can set up a specific feed to pick up extra shifts or swap with other employees.
  • Delivery drivers can access important information and communicate with their manager when they’re on the road.
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Recognize and Reward
Retail Results

Workmates lets any employee recognize and reward a coworker’s efforts so employees feel valued and engaged in their roles. With Workmates, retail employees are happier, less likely to leave, and more motivated to help your business grow.

  • Managers can use Workmates’ kudos feature to reward a cashier who never missed a shift.
  • A cashier can recognize a bagger who went above and beyond with exceptional customer service.
  • An inventory specialist can give a shout out to a coworker who helped set up a display that made all the difference in exceeding sales quota for a new product.
  • Store managers can recognize a single employee of the month for exceptional customer service and reward their efforts with a gift card, extra vacation time, or a cash prize.
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Transform the Retail Employee Experience with Workmates

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77% of retail workers want their daily work to be meaningful.


68% said their #1 goal at work is fulfillment in what they do.


40% of retail frontline employees wat to quit their jobs in favor of more meaningful work.

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Give Your Retail Employees the Experience They've been Missing

An engaged retail workforce is happier and more focused on generating higher sales and exceptional customer service. See how this is all possible with Workmates.

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