Buyer’s Guide to Innovative Onboarding Technology
Buyer’s Guide to Innovative Onboarding Technology
This guide was designed to help you navigate through those difficult tasks and help determine the right software for your organization.
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White Papers

How To Onboard a New Manager

Learn more about the correct steps, forms and methods for a smooth transition.

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The Employee Offboarding Process - Essential Best Practices

From resignation to termination, our checklist and suggestions provide valuable insight.

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Onboarding from Scratch

Onboarding from Scratch is the first of three papers that will help you reduce cost of hire, decrease turnover, and increase employee retention through onboarding.

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10 Ways The Cloud Improves HR Processes

Making Cloud-based technology work for you. You will learn how cloud technology benefits not only onboarding processes, but also HR processes as a whole.

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Launching a Successful Onboarding Initiative

This paper focuses on the more specific details of the activities that should be included in an organization’s onboarding program.

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Workmates Features

A detailed look at all of the features and capabilities available in Workmates will show you how employee engagement, communication, and rewards & recognition will never be the same.

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How to Onboard a 1099 Employee

Companies of all sizes are doing all they can to tap into this growing labor pool. Working with a 1099 employee or even teams of freelancers delivers a number of compelling business benefits.

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An Executive’s Guide to Reducing Employee Turnover and Compliance Risk

Understanding how voluntary employee turnover impacts an enterprise is crucial. 

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A Better Way to Communicate, Engage, Recognize, and Reward Remote Workers

An effective employee engagement platform helps you make sure employees are happier and more productive.

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Are You Ready to Take HR to the Cloud

Cloud-based HRMS solutions offer powerful benefits to HR and the overall business.

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How to Improve Employee Engagement

Employee engagement can be an effective way to improve productivity, retain employees, and give the entire business a new completitive advantage.

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The New Hire Orientation Process What to do and & Where to Start

We’ve outlined all the secrets and requirements for a productive new employee orientation program.

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10 Must Have Features of the Best Onboarding Software

Before you invest in onboarding technology, review the best-in-class features below to ensure you get the most bang for your buck.

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Improving the Employee Onboarding Process from Start to Finish

Our onboarding guide shows you exactly how to increase new hire's morale, engagement, and productivity on day one.

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Finding Good Employees

Essential Tips To Find Good Employees

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The Mechanics  of I-9 Forms and Documentation

The I-9 form is critical piece of documentation for new hires. HR Cloud explains the mechanics of I-9 documentation so you can achieve i-9 compliance.

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Rewards and Recognition Stats

What Keeps Employees Motivated, Engaged and Happy?

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Other Resources

New Employee Forms Every HR Professional Needs

Completing new employee forms is the administrative task standing between your new hire and successful first day.

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Performance Review Phrases You Shoud Use (and Some to Avoid)

We create a helpful list of sample sentences to use on your next employee performance evaluation. These examples will craft a positive & productive review.

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Recruitment Process

A guide for recruitment processes that will help you hire top talent.

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New Hire Checklist: The Key to A Successful First Day

First days can be overwhelming for everyone. Here’s a new hire checklist to help you prepare so when new hires arrive for onboarding, you’re ready.

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Onboarding Timeline

Onboarding is increasingly being seen as a critical tool to boost engagement, reduce attrition and help make new employees more productive sooner.

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