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Finally, an Employee Directory that Works
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With HR Cloud®, you can create a custom employee directory with visual, intuitive employee profiles. Search, scan, and drill down to see org charts, team structures, and important employee information.

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Build Stronger Connections and Work Better Together

Our employee directory makes it even easier for employees to connect and collaborate. Any user can easily search the directory, connect with employees and teams, and find exactly what they need. Employee directories have never been this easy, intuitive, or effective.

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Searchable Employee Profiles

Find just who you’re looking for, in just a few clicks. Our searchable employee profiles save time over paper-based forms and make it easy to learn more about coworkers.

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Easily Set Permissions

We understand security is your top priority. This is why the employee directory uses permissions, approvals, and other controls—all to make sure employees’ information is always protected.

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Access to Employees on the Go

Our mobile app delivers the same experience that employees expect in the office. This means they can access your full employee directory from the road, the home office, or even a soccer game.

Create the Best Employee Directory Possible

Take advantage of a wide range of features, capabilities, and benefits to develop an employee directory that improves the way work gets done.

Multichannel Communications

Don’t attempt to use just one communication method to reach remote teams. HR Cloud® lets you broadcast important information using a variety of channels, all within the Workmates platform.

Multichannel Communications

Broadcast Important Company Announcements

You can send real-time updates to all employees or use channels, profiles, and segmentation, or email newsletters to reach the right audience. With Workmates, your message will get through so all employees have the latest information.

Company Announcements

Create Employee Advocates

Workmates gives you everything you need to transform your entire team into loyal brand advocates, willing and able to embody your company’s best interests, promote your products and services, and contribute to a much stronger culture. Workmates makes it so easy to push pre-approved marketing and corporate content to employees so they can publish it on their own social networks. Not only will you expand your reach, but you will significantly decrease your digital marketing and recruiting costs.

Employee advocacy

Make Sure Employees Receive Critical Information

Even better, you can use read receipts and acknowledgements to make sure employees read your announcements and take the right action. Our e-signature function collects employees’ signatures for further documentation. Workmates also uses insightful reports to highlight any worker who may not have read the announcement yet, so you can follow up efficiently.

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Incorporate Text and SMS Messaging

With Workmates you can send urgent text communications or incorporate an official SMS feed for important communications from a public safety department or local government agency.

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Mobile Communications

Never before has the workforce been reliant on mobile devices. In addition to text and email newsletters, Workmates provides a mobile app so any employee can access your company directory, org chart, newsfeeds, channel updates, intranet content, and more.

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Trusted by Today’s Industry Leaders

HR Cloud has helped so many organizations improve the employee experience, transform their company
culture, and turn employee engagement into a business advantage. See how we can help you, too.


"HR Cloud®'s Onboard has helped our HR team save so much valuable time and effort while incerasing data accuracy."

Kaylee Colins HR Analyst

"It would be so great if each franchise owner could implement similar solutions to replace legacy systems that might not work."

Michael Hawkins Franchise Owner

"Our staff has praised the increased communications level Workmates delivers. We use it to communicate important project matters and give staff specific 'kudos' or even recognize their birthdays."

Christopher Baggott Chief Executive Officer
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Integrations with All Your Favorite Tools

Onboard is just the beginning. Our powerful suite of onboard software helps with every step of the employee cycle and integrates with all of your favorite third party tools. Recruitment, applicant tracking, performance management, payroll, background checks—HR Cloud® has got hiring covered. Explore the integrations here, and experience what your HR workflow should look like.

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