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Reduce Turnover with an Intuitive Employee Engagement Platform

Effectively Engage Your Employees

Our unique employee engagement software puts the focus where it belongs: on your team. By actively engaging your staff with rewards, automated birthday announcements, and private company social feeds, you'll build an atmosphere they'll be excited to be a part of. Great businesses are built by great employees. Make sure you keep yours happy with our reliable employee engagement management tool.

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Acknowledge Your Team's Accomplishments

Acknowledge Your Team's Accomplishments

We all like to be recognized for our hard work and accomplishments. When a digital thumbs up just won't do, send kudos — performance rewards that can be redeemed for tangible perks like shopping and entertainment, or donated to social causes. Top kudos earners are showcased on a leaderboard and can be used to inspire other team members.

Keep Everyone in the Loop

Quickly share important company announcements with Workmates, an employee engagement tool that makes communication and collaboration a breeze — even for remote teams. From company wide group chats to private direct messages, company directories to instant attendance oversights, our employee engagement platform connects businesses and makes them more productive.

Keeping everyone in the loop
Employee opinions

Quickly Collect Employee Opinions

Give your team members ownership of their work by bringing them in on important (or not so important) company decisions. Which web page design better illustrates your company values? Should you order in tacos or pizza for lunch? Ask your staff with quick employee polls or intuitive forms using HR Cloud's engagement software.

Party Like You Mean It

All work and no play just isn't much fun for anyone. Celebrate your team — their birthdays, work anniversaries, promotions and more — with our employee recognition software. Afraid you might forget? Celebratory reminders and social feed posts can easily be automated inside our system. So even when things get hectic, you won’t miss a thing.

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Go Beyond Email

Go Beyond Email

Email is great, but if that's the only way your team is communicating… snooze! Our suite of employee engagement tools gives you access to your own private social feed. Team members can share GIFs, comment on each other's posts and more. Keep your staff happy and entertained with quality employee engagement solutions.

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