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Streamlining Onboarding and Reducing New Hire Friction at Behavioral Health Company

Behavioral Progression is an organized team of talented and inspired ABA professionals that are fully focused on providing quality services to change the lives of clients and caregivers.

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For Behavioral Progression, Inc, a growing behavioral health company, onboarding new therapists and staff was a frustrating process fraught with inefficiency. The unstructured Word and Google Drive-based system led to frequent questions from new hires, duplicative work for HR, and a lackluster onboarding experience. It became clear a revamp was needed to scale effectively.

After researching options, Behavioral Progression implemented HR Cloud's onboarding software. The automated workflows, reminders, and organization provided by the software led to transformative results across the organization.

"Before implementing HR Cloud onboarding software, our company relied on manual processes involving Word documents and Google Drive uploads to onboard new employees," said Nicole Minard, CEO of Behavioral Progression. "One of the primary challenges we encountered was maintaining organization and staying on top of the onboarding tasks for each new employee."

Streamlined Workflows Reduce New Hire Friction

The streamlined onboarding process enabled by HR Cloud has led to a "significant 60% reduction in procedural queries from new hires." This allows them to start contributing faster with greater confidence.

For new therapists at Behavioral Progression, learning clinic protocols, insurance procedures, and client profiles is now simplified rather than bogged down by inefficient paper-based systems.

"The checklists and training content are so well organized in the software," said a new therapist. "I can easily find what I need to get ready to see clients without constantly asking my supervisor questions."

By reducing the friction new hires experience, HR Cloud has decreased new therapist onboarding time from 4 weeks to just 2.5 weeks on average. This allows them to begin delivering value faster.


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Boost in HR Efficiency

"Our administrative team now benefits from automated prompts for their assigned tasks, resulting in increased overall efficiency, finishing the onboarding process 3 times faster," said Nicole.

With HR Cloud, the task automation, reminders, and transparency have helped boost HR efficiency considerably. Rather than constantly putting out onboarding fires, the HR team can take a more proactive, strategic role.

Key Metrics Improved

  • 60% reduction in new hire questions
  • 3X faster therapist onboarding speed

Improved Experience Transforms Culture

With frustrations eliminated and everything running smoothly, new hires have expressed greater satisfaction throughout and after onboarding. The structured onboarding has led to a more positive culture.

Feedback from new employees who have undergone the onboarding process using the software has been "overwhelmingly positive." They have found the process to be "straightforward and transparent," with only a few minor issues related to task setup.

This enthusiasm has also translated to a 10% improvement in therapist retention after 6 months, reducing costly early turnover.

Behavioral Progression
quote quote

"Our administrative team now benefits from automated prompts for their assigned tasks, resulting in increased overall efficiency, finishing the onboarding process 3 times faster"

Nicole Minard CEO
Happy employee

Looking Ahead

As Behavioral Progression expands, the company plans to continue leveraging HR Cloud to streamline processes and improve visibility.

“In our experience, we wholeheartedly recommend HR Cloud’s onboarding software to other companies,” said Nicole. “The automation features, such as E-verify automation and task cascades, have proven to be valuable assets that streamline the onboarding process and enhance overall efficiency.”

For any growing healthcare business looking to reduce onboarding friction, boost productivity, and improve new hire satisfaction, HR Cloud is an essential tool. The platform's remarkable impact at Behavioral Progression underscores the transformative potential.

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