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Endeavor Schools


Endeavor Schools

At Endeavor Schools, our pursuit of building a world-class family of private schools is guided by our core values. We seek to hold ourselves and each of our team members accountable for demonstrating them every day. After all, it is our core values that define our aspiration of how we interact together as teammates, as well as with the children, families and communities that we serve.

We work with awesome HR professionals all over the world.

Here what they have to say about us.

customer story

Andrea Bermudez

Organizational & Talent Development Manager

“We highly recommend HR Cloud as it gives us the ability to communicate and connect our workforce.”

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The Challenge

Endeavor Schools is one of America’s fastest-growing education management companies and currently owns and operates nearly 100 schools in 14 states. The company’s mission is to provide a variety of high-quality education options so parents can ensure that their children thrive. Endeavor Schools does this by acquiring schools that meet a high standard of excellence and giving them the tools they need to continue serving their communities. As the company acquires more schools, it is constantly welcoming new employees to its team. With such rapid growth, Endeavor Schools needed effective tools to regularly communicate with its employees.

The Solution

This particular Workmates case study shows how various features and tools can achieve many goals. Endeavor Schools takes advantage of Workmates’ different functionalities.

“Our favorite tool in HR Cloud has to be the Kudos with points and the ability to create a custom ‘storefront.” Their special feature program, Kudos, can serve multiple purposes depending on what companies need. It helps the HR team communicate policy changes.

Also, they can do so much more to boost employee recognition and success stories across their organization. Because of Workmates, they now have a flexible range of options to communicate with their employees. This platform lets them communicate separately with different groups including through:
- Location
- Department
- Specific channel

This way, the HR team can specially tailor their content for different audiences or groups. Thus, the message feels genuine and actually enjoyable to read. The team at Endeavor also says they are eager to try other features in Workmates because they’ve had such positive results. This leaves a lot of room for continued growth and development.

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