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As a nonprofit charity, SHELTER Inc. strives to realize an important mission: rebuilding lives, one family at a time, by giving them a home, the skills, and the resources needed to live the life they deserve.

The organization strives to prevent and end homelessness for low-income, disadvantaged families and individuals by providing housing, services, support, and resources that lead to self-sufficiency.

Christopherson Business Travel (Christopherson) is a corporate travel management company headquartered in Salt Lake City. The company provides client-focused, tech-savvy business travel management services, while also focusing on growth strategies and acquisition opportunities to increase its foothold in a highly competitive market.

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Jim Stanley | Human Resources Assistant and Payroll Specialist

“Thanks to HR Cloud, the reduction in onboarding time has been phenomenal. I estimate HR Cloud has helped me save 60-70% of the time I used to spend on onboarding tasks.”

Download the Case Study
Download the Case Study

The Challenge

A manual, paper-based onboarding approach that took too much time to manage and couldn’t scale to keep pace with an aggressive hiring plan.

Additionally, SHELTER, Inc. recently took over the management of a new homeless facility, which would lead to hiring growth that could possibly double its workforce. The organization quickly realized that it couldn’t accommodate such aggressive growth without an automated onboarding system.

The Solution

HR Cloud’s Onboard solution reduced the amount of time needed to complete paperwork during the onboarding experience. Now new hires spend more time focused on what’s really important: helping clients and supporting the SHELTER Inc.’s core mission.

“Onboard helped us streamline our entire onboarding process,” says Jim Stanley, SHELTER Inc.’s Human Resources Assistant and Payroll Specialist. “Now, we can get new hires in here, give them the information they need, and get them out there helping clients much faster than we ever would have using our old approach. And for us, that’s what it’s really all about.”

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