Possibly the most career-oriented of any of the signs, Capricorn is a sign that demands respect. It is easy to give it to them, since they are some of the most competent workers, with an ambitious drive that leads them to excel in whatever they put their mind to. They value integrity above all else, and cannot abide frivolity and duplicitousness. Capricorn excels in a traditional work environment, where everyone knows their job and performs to the best of their ability. Capricorn doesn’t do well in unpredictable, chaotic workplaces.


Capricorn works best with:

Scorpio, who share their penchant for seriousness while hiding a dry sense of humor. They are unimpressed by Gemini and their way of talking a lot without really saying anything.


Capricorns best work day:

Tuesday, with the work at hand already begun, and more to do still.


Ideal jobs for Capricorn:

Business executive, accountant, financial planner, CEO, physician.


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