Vote for HR Cloud’s Onboard Demo for “Video of the Day”

Oct 27, 2014
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HR Cloud’s new video about the benefits of its Onboard software has been nominated as Video of the Day by VOTD. You can help make the video a VOTD winner by casting your vote!

VOTD (Pronounced "Voted", stands for Video of the Day) is a daily awards site for video content creators. It was conceived as a way to recognize talent from all over the world. VOTD looks for videos that are innovative and encourage thought.

All votes for submitted videos are done by a panel of judges and VOTD's own online community. The videos are judged on four criteria: Idea, Content, Creativity, and Execution.

"The competition for submissions is high, so it's very exciting to see our video be nominated for Video Of The Day,” said Jeff Chang, HR Cloud animator. "We at HR Cloud are thrilled to see our brand be in the running among other top filmmakers.”

The video takes the viewer through the employee onboarding process of a new hire named Greg who rides a monster truck, gondola lift, and rocket as he goes through the new hire process.

Check out the video and help make HR Cloud’s Onboard video the Video of the Day by casting your vote.

Watch the video and cast your vote!

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