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"We are not alone in this, we are digitally supported by our providers with tools like HR Cloud, MS Teams communication and collaboration platform and our Yammer social network which ensures collaboration running smoothly"
Sonja Sumić HR Specialist of Span
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Who is Span?

Span is a so-called little giant led by six experienced industry leaders on a journey of building an expertise-based long-term relationship with their customers originating from a wide range of industries; banks, telecommunications companies, hoteliers, pharmaceuticals, food and automotive, to name but a few.

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Who are the people of Span?

We are over 550 trusted IT solution providers, engineers, consultants, developers, business analysts and researchers with 25+ years of experience in delivering technology that transforms the way our customers do business.

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What do people of Span believe in?

We believe in competence, excellence, responsibility and trust, as our core competencies. We trust in our colleagues and have caring professional relationships, enjoy coffee breaks, keep a healthy mind in a healthy body and love to support STEM programs and help the youngest members of the community.

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How do you encourage cross-functional collaboration in your organization?

Cross-functional collaboration is everyday life in Span. In our mission to deliver IT solutions through our expertise and experience that power up customers' businesses, it is crucial to assign a multidisciplinary team to shape and grind solutions from various points of view with a final product being just what customer needs at the time. As a company focused on life-long learning and development, cross-functional collaboration facilitates nurturing employees’ sense of personal responsibility. Management and HR encourage employees to take things into their own hands by exploring other positions, talking to experienced colleagues in the field, learning, taking exams to get certificates (never easier since we have our own testing center!) and to always advance, be it a vertical or a horizontal advancement. Lots of brainstorm meetings, quick status meetings, long lessons-learned meetings, amongst other, collaboration across organization lessons as one of the toughest, but most important and rewarding when mastered. We are not alone in this, we are digitally supported by our providers with tools like HR Cloud, MS Teams communication and collaboration platform and our Yammer social network which ensures collaboration running smoothly 24/7.

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How do you improve leadership communication?

This is simple, we just listen to what people of Span tell us in our periodical organizational climate survey and during 1-on-1 meetings along with the Performance Evaluation reviews.

One of the ongoing projects from 2019 we are especially proud of is Span TV. The project arose from the lowered satisfaction with management communication, due to the fast company growth and with hours of brainstorming and hard work we got an idea of a solution with the potential of reaching a limitless number of employees at the same time. It is our very own forum, our broadcasting station, our way of keeping all our employees informed, entertained and up to date. Main actors and participants are the employees themselves with a regular board member strategy and future project plans live events. These are always backed up with anonymous Q&A sessions to answer all of our employees’ questions and cover all the topics we might’ve omitted. If you’d like to see why our employees love it and why we got an HR Practices award for it, have a sneak peek at the Span Culture Video. For the Span TV repository, broadcasted on a monthly basis, well, you’d just have to become a Span employee.😉

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How is the employee experience affected by COVID-19 and how do you improve the employee experience?

We're not gonna lie, the lockdown had us in the first half, as the famous meme would say. The first few weeks were even tougher, what with an earthquake hitting Zagreb. But as an already completely digitalized company, physically transferring work to home was easy-peasy for us. The tougher part was a mental or social shift of dropping that morning and after-lunch cup of coffee with our colleagues, since the people of Span are very sociable creatures, the ones you'll often see discussing a business challenge over a coffee shop table. But we managed to adapt and maintain work relationships at the same before-COVID level by turning that mic and camera on.

We didn't shut our eyes to work-life balance threat and higher burnout syndrome risk, though. We were aware that some of our employees were feeling lonely due to the fact they are living far from their families. On the other hand, we had parents struggling and juggling various roles in their 70m2 apartments. Being responsible adults by maintaining their household. Being caring and supporting parents by making sure children can track and keep up with TV classes from the living room. And being a successfully engaged employee by ensuring that business runs as usual. Taking all of that into account, Span HR – with the engagement and support of Span management as well – took all the steps to cover employees' needs and maintain the quality of employee experience. We started by forming a special Crisis team responsible for making and communicating decisions regarding Covid in line with the state guidelines. To address the work-life balance and to support those in need, we have created a special Yammer channel with various forms of materials for coping with the situation we were in at the time. To reassure and to keep employees more informed of what is going on with business and market in general, we started to broadcast Span TV on a weekly basis with lots of live events with board members and top management. One of the live broadcasts was reserved for the topic of mental health, where we talked about its importance and the ways of recognizing that you, your colleagues or close ones are unwell. Span HR was always ready for any kind of needed support, but we also wanted to ensure that all of our employees have a possibility to reach out anonymously to the experts in the field, so we’ve ensured free counseling with two therapists who presented themselves at one of the live events. We also organized various fun activities like quizzes, online board games and our very own first fitness challenge, Fit Happens, awarded with a bronze HR Practices medal. We knew that we were doing a good job and our COVID-19 Satisfaction Survey told us exactly how good. Satisfaction results going above 90% across the board, including top management communication, crisis team, satisfaction with managers and HR. As a final crown to our work, we were awarded Excellence in Challenges badge. It was the ultimate recognition of quality human resource management and employee care during the pandemic.

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How do you measure your employee experience score?

Our employee experience is measured with various quantitative and qualitative measures taken by anonymous and named surveys like an organizational climate survey, regular Performance evaluation, 1-on-1 with the manager and HR. Onboarding is a crucial process for setting up a good employee experience so we have a practice of always having at least one mentor for an employee, a regular 1-on-1 with the manager and HR and Performance Evaluation review after 6 months in Span. For ensuring a flexible onboarding that can be tailored according to employees' needs and feedback, we’ve implemented two questionnaires, the first questionnaire after 1 month in Span and the second one after 4 months in Span. In the process of onboarding, we all partner up, alongside employees, to listen to each other’s expectations and adjust what’s needed. We also pay close attention to the offboarding process, where we have both a questionnaire and an exit interview. Valuable information collected in that process helps us enhance the employee experience of existing and future employees and keep our retention rate high. Regarding the specific measures, we recognized these as the most indicative to us as measures of employee experience: Employee satisfaction, Employee productivity, Employee engagement, Employee wellness, Employee retention, Employee NET Promoter Score, Employee absenteeism, Employee-rating websites and last but not less important, Customer ratings as we are a customer-centered company.