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Viral Rewards & Recognition that Pay Off

Workmates’ kudos feature lets any employee reward a peer for any contribution or achievement. Prominent kudos leaderboards contribute to a culture of increased productivity, engagement, and effort. It’s an important advantage: Companies with higher levels of employee engagement are proven to have higher growth rates, productivity, and financial success.

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Highlight Exemplary Behavior to Transform Your Culture

Give visibility to all employees’ contributions. With Workmates, rewards and recognition becomes easy and fun and encourages collaboration with any employee—no matter where they happen to work. Highlighting employees’ exemplary behavior becomes fun and encourages constant, incremental positive feedback so employees can steer themselves towards success.

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Customize the Entire Experience

Employees can give a digital high five or shout to other employees with customizable badges and then reward them with gift cards, corporate items, or other ways of saying thanks. Badges can be customized to reflect specific your company’s values and promote that specific behavior. You can even gamify goals and create a positive buzz around employee performance.

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Customize kudos
Turn “Thanks” into Real Rewards
Turn “Thanks” into Real Rewards

If you enable Rewards with kudos for Workmates, budgets and spending limits can be allocated by location, role, department, or manager. Employees can exchange their earned kudos reward points for a wide variety of gift cards to pre-approved vendors such as Amazon and many other online retailers. Employees can also give some of their own points to co-workers.

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One Solution is All You Need

With one easy-to-manage solution, you’ll eliminate the need for additional rewards and recognition applications. Plus, integrations with Slack and and other apps help employees say thanks with the tools they already use every day. Additional features such as intranet, newsfeed, chat, polls and surveys, org chart, calendar, and more help employees find and share important information.

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Customize the Entire Experience
Turn “Thanks” into Real Rewards
Gain Real Insights

Take advantage of detailed reports and analytics to uncover performance trends and gain valuable insights into team strengths, collaboration, and other results. Workmates gives you everything you need to completely understand your employee recognition program.

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Third-Party Integrations

Workmates integrates with ADP, UltiPro, and other leading payroll providers as well as with many communications tools your employees may already be using, including Slack, G Suite, Skype, Google Hangouts and more.

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