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Looking For New Hires? 7 Uses Of Recruiting Automation To Help Your Hiring Process

Oct 20, 2021
Looking For New Hires? 7 Uses Of Recruiting Automation To Help Your Hiring Process
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It's undeniable that in the last few years technology has made some incredible advances that have made our lives much easier, from the development of smartphones to smart homes to automatic vacuum cleaners.

Technology and automation have also proven very helpful in the recruitment sectors, as 75% of recruiters claim  technology will play an even bigger role in their hiring process for the years to come. Recruiting is a highly personable and human procedure, so it may seem odd to use technology to carry out processes that involve unique human interaction.

Hiring automation can actually be very helpful for recruiters, especially when sifting through sky-high piles of CVs to find the best candidates. Want to learn how to implement automation in recruitment? Read on to find out about 7 uses of recruiting automation to aid your hiring process now!


1. Increased productivity

It’s important to know that automation doesn’t mean the replacement of human employees. Rather, it means empowering them with tools that will help them become better recruiters. An example of this is automation tools that sift through CVs without the recruiters having to do so manually, wasting hours and hours reading resumes that are ultimately not suitable for the position. Therefore, productivity is well-spent in recruiting automation.

2.  Pre-qualifying

On the topic of sifting through a high volume of resumes that aren’t appropriate for the job post, automating recruitment allows for pre-qualifying questions asked by bots to a potential candidate in order to make sure they’re appropriate from the get-go. 

Hope James, a recruiter at Resumention, tells us- “By automating repetitive tasks such as answering the same questions about a job, chatbots enhance the pre-qualification capabilities of a human recruiter without additional strain on their time.”

3. Improved quality of hire

In reality, companies must deal with a vast talent pool when recruiting to fill positions right away.

Automation increases efficiency as well as the quality of the hires. This is because hiring automation enhances recruitment based on characteristics predictive for job success. On top of this, automation leads to more consistent hiring decisions, precisely due to the basis of predictive characteristics for job success. This is key in industries such as the retail industry, where recruiters look at hundreds or even thousands of candidates per job post.

4. Better candidate experience

Anna Greyson, a business blogger at Dissertation service tells us- “The automation of hiring processes isn’t just beneficial for the recruiters, it also provides a better overall experience for the job seeker as well. Automated recruiting processes mean that the candidate won’t have to wait as long for a response, they’ll be frequently updated about their progress and are likely to get feedback on their application whether it's successful or not.”

5. No more hiring bias

Despite a recruiter’s best efforts, hiring bias can and has played a role in many situations. This is part of human nature and it’s very difficult if not impossible to ask human recruiters to be completely non-biased. Manual resume readings can potentially lead to recruiters favoring one candidate over another. Automation, on the other hand, doesn’t play favorites.

Automation and technology can be very helpful in eliminating bias and smoothing the hiring process so human recruiters only have to worry about selecting the perfect candidate for the role. This also increases workplace diversity! Essentially, this prevents any form of unconscious biases when going through resumes.

6. Reduced hiring time

Each day a company has an open position for a role that isn’t filled, is a day of loss of profitability and productivity. It’s in a company’s best interest to hire as quickly as possible to keep running smoothly. As previously mentioned, automation eliminates burdensome and long tasks for recruiters and instead leaves them to interview the perfect candidates as soon as they’re found. This is great for the business but also for the candidate, as they feel more in the loop of the process and are likely to feel less disappointed if they receive a negative response.

7. Better quality of interviews

Depending on which job, an automated interview process can be very helpful for recruiters as they’re able to ask the questions they wish and then analyze the responses carefully, not only looking at the word content but also micro-expressions, speech patterns, and other details that might be missed in a traditional interview. This also makes the candidate experience more wholesome for job seekers.


Recruitment automation technology is in the here and now. With the successes indicated in this article, there’s no sign of stopping this technical phenomenon in the job market.

Overall, recruitment automation can be a fantastic way to improve the hiring process to make the sometimes-tedious task of finding a new hire (or a new job) easier and faster!

Author Bio:  Christina Lee is a social media strategist at Student writing services and Essayroo review. She writes about marketing news and technologies for such services, as Write my essay, and others.

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