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Are you an early adopter?

Do you like discovering and utilizing new technology?

Are you always on the lookout to improve processes, communication or recognition at work?

If so, you will be thrilled to see what Workmates can do.

Culture Applies To Everyone

No matter if you are an intern at a large corporation with thousands of employees, the founder of a growing company or someone who just joined a startup as the 9th employee, anyone at any organization has the potential to be that early-adopting influencer that popularizes new tech.  We made Workmates to be universally useful for companies of all sizes, improve internal communication, and reward their hard-working team.

Appreciation Is The Real Driver

A recent article in Entrepreneur Magazine that cited a study by the Boston Consulting Group asked 200,000 employees around the world, “What do you value most in the workplace?”  

Do you know what the #1 most valued thing in the workplace was?

It wasn’t more base salary... (that was #8)

It was appreciation for their work.

Not only do people want appreciation, they want to be able to appreciate others. (this is detailed further in the book Tribal Leadership by Dave Logan, John King and Dr. Halee Fischer-Wright)

Workmates Works For Everyone

Every company culture is unique and constantly adapting and changing as the organization changes and grows. With Workmates, you have a living, breathing culture that is digitized so it can disseminated across the entire company at any time.

One way of enabling a culture of appreciation, is to give what we call “Kudos” - one of 12 ways to recognize someone at your company. Kudos is one of fundamental reasons to implement Workmates, rewarding achievers who are going above and beyond for the company and/or making life easier for their coworkers, both essential components of a strong culture. Historically, showing appreciation took great effort, Workmates powers micro-rewards with a push of a button making appreciation easy and instantaneous.

timeline of technology adoption

Try Workmates For Free

We encourage those early adopters out there to download Workmates and test it out with a few coworkers. After you’ve tested it out, the next step is to use the free Company Directory feature to naturally introduce a culture of appreciation to your broader organization. Completing the information in the Company Directory is easy and only takes a few moments,. The Company Directory is just a small part of the overall Workmates feature set but it’s a crucial starting point.

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