How to Boost Employee Morale at Work?

Nov 29, 2022
How to Boost Employee Morale at Work?
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It is well known that employees are the most important part of an organization. If an organization is about to fall, it’s the employees who will play the role of the soldiers and prevent the company from crumbling. But all of these are only possible if they have positive morale towards the organization. 

As per Gallup’s survey, around 51% of workers are completely unattached to their work due to reasons like no job satisfaction, toxic work culture, lack of recognition, etc. All of the said reasons are linked with employee morale, which we are going to discuss in this article.

You will understand the benefits of positive morale and different ways to boost employee morale. Let’s get started.

What is Employee Morale?

Simply put, employee morale is the overall outlook and satisfaction that an employee gets while working with an organization. 

If an employee is not satisfied with their job description, company culture, or anything related to professional life, it will reflect on their work. 

Benefits of Positive Employee Morale

Employee morale is directly proportional to various things, like productivity, creativity, engagement, etc. When tweaked the right way, positive morale can bring a lot of things to the table. Here are some benefits you can get if your organization fosters positive employee morale -

  1. Increase in Productivity

One of the major benefits that high morale can give is an increase in productivity. When employees realize that the organization cares for them and that their roles and work are justified with that by the company’s vision, it gives them satisfaction and an urge to work harder. As a result, the employee engagement rate increases, further improving the team's productivity.

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  1. High Retention

Most employees are looking for a company change as soon as they join an organization. Why? That’s because they do not feel aligned with the company’s work culture or values. But, if the company has a good environment to work in, they will tend to stay. In addition, positive morale leads to higher retention rates that further prevent the need to spend money on hiring new employees.

  1. Decrease in Absenteeism

When employees are demotivated or dissatisfied with their work profile, they are most likely to take leaves and bring in excuses. Such absenteeism can suffer a company’s growth, and only good morale can remove it. Conversely, employees who are highly motivated and satisfied with the company will take leave only when needed and complete their tasks on time.

  1. Higher Motivation

As stated before, morale is directly related to motivation and creativity. A highly motivated team will surely think of out-of-the-box ideas and methods to solve issues. Besides, if the company is falling, they will be there to prevent the fall. 

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7 Effective Ways to Boost Employee Morale

Employees can either break or make the company. So, it’s up to the higher authorities how to treat them and get the results accordingly. So, here are the seven most effective tips that will help you improve employee morale in your organization.

1. Maintain Transparency & Build Trust

It’s difficult to create a completely transparent environment suddenly, but you can start with small steps. For example, if there are problems in the office, let your employees know about them. Maybe they might have a good solution to the problem that will help you out.

Besides, when you enable transparency, it helps in building the bridge to cover the employee-employer gap. On the other hand, when you try to hide issues or news from your staff members when their morale is low, you are adding more damage to the lot. Doing so will break their trust.

So, it’s better to remain as transparent as possible and let your staff members know about all the good and bad about the company. It will help uplift their morale.

2. Improve Internal Communication

Employee loyalty and commitment to the organization may suffer when there is a communication gap between employees and management.

Therefore, there must be clear and open communication, not only amongst employees but also between employees and management. Many organizations have also started adopting a bottom-up approach for internal communication where ideas and perceptions of employees are taken into account to make the most informed business decisions.

Nowadays, technology is playing a big role in communication. Different communication channels have evolved like intranets, emails, voice calls, video calls, and a bunch of social platforms that make internal communication even more seamless. We’ll discuss more on technology later in this article.

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3. Recognize & Appreciate Employees

A lot has been said about employee recognition programs and methods, but none of them are fruitful if you do not implement them. Even if you cannot provide a full-fledged program for appreciating your people, the least you can do is write a personal note to them stating how their hard work has brought results.

Small gestures of appreciation like a pat on the back, a note of “keep up the good work,” or a note in the monthly newsletter can do wonders. It gives them a sense of belongingness and motivates them to work harder. Employee morale is all about how satisfied an employee is with their work, and proper appreciation helps them to know whether their work is helping the organization or not. 

4. Empower Employees with the Right Technology

Yes, technology can help improve morale if you use it correctly. Try providing software and tools to help your employees organize their work, communicate effectively, and collaborate with colleagues. Here are examples of a few such tools - 

  • Employee Engagement Platforms - We know how important employee engagement is to retain them. Proper employee engagement platforms where they can directly contact anyone in the company for guidance can do wonders to their morale. It gives off the feeling of transparent communication and removes the hierarchy rule as well. Platforms like HR cloud exactly do that.

  • Project Management Platforms - All-in-one project management applications help employees organize their work, manage tasks effectively, and deliver projects on time without delays. These tools help them finish their work on time ultimately increasing their productivity and morale. Tools like SmartTask help you exactly achieve that.

  • Communication & Video Conferencing Platforms - We know how important internal communication is in the corporate sector. After the pandemic, keeping up with communication has been difficult during remote work. But, with tools like Slack and Zoom, you can remove the communication barrier with your remote employees and help them in their tasks, assign them new activities and conduct video meetings.

  • Document Management & File-Sharing Platforms -  Tools like Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 are great examples of document collaboration and sharing. Everyone can work on the same files without any hassles. A clean workspace prevents employees from stressing out and improves their morale.

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5. Offer Learning & Growth Opportunities

In the corporate world, employees should always have a learning attitude if they want to grow. On top of that, companies should also help them to adopt new techniques and skills.

The new generation is looking for organizations where they can learn new things and have consistent growth. By providing courses for learning new skills related to the employee’s field of work, you can help them grow professionally. 

But how can these courses help you improve morale? By providing them with proper courses, paying off their tuition fees, or sponsoring their higher studies, you are helping them grow without financial problems. The gesture alone makes them feel grateful and loyal to the organization. Besides, they get a positive morale boost to implement their new skills for the company's betterment.

6. Ask Employee Feedback

There’s not a single company that doesn’t ask for employees' surveys, but only some of them implement the suggestions and improve their shortcomings from the feedback. When employees feel you are listening, it helps them open up and openly tell you the problems they face. Once you start acting on the suggestions and the problems are resolved, it makes your employees feel heard and improves their work morale as well. 

When a manager solves an employee's problem, it gives the letter a sense of gratefulness that further takes the shape of positive morale. And, we know how helpful positive morale can be.

Moreover, feedback helps the management team and higher authorities grow as per the changing market. So, it’s a win-win for both employers and workers.

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7. Perform Team Building Activities

Team building activities help a lot in instilling a good work culture with a collaborative mindset. When employees are made to work with each other in a fun environment, they get to know their colleagues, and the professional bond gets stronger.

Companies can organize many team-building activities, like trekking, treasure hunt, and other adventurous games. Besides, you can also let the employees put in their choices, and you can randomly select one for the day.

Team building activities remove the feeling of loneliness in the office and make way for transparent communication. Besides, employers understand their employees and know whom they can rely on for help with difficult tasks. All of these things improve employee morale in the organization and foster a good work culture with no toxicity. 


Positive employee morale begins with a positive work culture. When you foster a good work environment, have transparency in the company and trust your employees, you are giving them a morale boost. 

Workers with a good morale boost will remain loyal to the organization and help to recover the losses during any falls. No matter how big an organization is, the company's growth suffers if the employees are unhappy. That’s why the management and HR team must maintain positive morale within the organization


Author Bio:

Shyamal Parikh is the Founder of SmartTask, an online work management/automation software that helps teams streamline their processes, whether sales, hiring, customer success, or projects. He actively shares strategies and techniques that improve a team’s productivity.



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