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How to Get Your Employee Onboarding Process Right

Mar 08, 2021
How to Get Your Employee Onboarding Process Right
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When a potential buyer visits your store, company, or organization and gets inefficient service, your chances of them becoming a customer are slim to none. This is all highly dependent on the company onboarding process. However, a disgruntled employee is not necessarily that way because they lack skills. A lot of the time, this is because of the employer's inability to train and guide their new staff. 

Proper company onboarding process takes time and is a work in progress. You need the right leadership, some technology-driven training and quality communication in the workplace. In return, you can get higher employee retention, job satisfaction, and with it – happier customers.

What is Employee Onboarding Process?

According to Guru, a quality employee onboarding process lifts the hire performance by as much as 30%. Moreover, according to some other surveys, new hires will be much longer if the introductory experience is good. But, what does this mean? 

This process is a purposeful, systematic, and strategized transformation of a selected and promising candidate into a good employee. Why is it so important? Just imagine, you come to a new place, where you meet new people; you don`t know the customs and rules, so you try to choose each word so carefully, that it could even sound unnatural. Actually, in just a few minutes you turn from self-assured, qualified professional into a shy and uncertain outsider. This inner feeling influences a new employee`s abilities stay focused and think straight. If you put your new employee` shoes, you will understand how unsecure and powerless you feel by losing control of the situation. That is why succeeding in your employee onboarding process is a prime element of making everything work right. So, companies that have such a system function as flawlessly as possible, offering quality services to customers and excellent work conditions to employees. 

How you approach your newest employees sets the tone for their entire experience in your company. Like any other important process, this also requires well-thought, deliberate steps. Here is what they include.

Attracting and Recruiting New Employees

The satisfaction and performance of employees depends greatly on the recruitment practices of the employer. First impressions aren't only important for you as a recruiter, but also for the person who has shown interest to work in your company. It is more than just a tiny moment; it is a vital element that launches a chain of events – the butterfly effect.

The tone of the conversation depends on two people, so when you recruit new people, you need to prepare yourself just like they prepare for the interview. Think the job interview questions carefully to sound confident, create a comprehensive and detailed job description, and review the information potential employees will find on your website. 

If you need some assistance with creating your job description, crafting the questions, emails you send to interested parties, your terms and conditions, as well as policies, or even your website content, you might want to hire a professional like Study Clerk. Appearance is crucial for your business. Many of the people who will see your job description will want to learn more about the company before they apply to work there. The most qualified talent will be picky about where they'll work. As an employer, you must make sure that they are impressed from the moment when they read your ad. 

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Employees' First Visit

Once you get people interested in your workplace, you'll want to invite them in for an interview. This is your opportunity to meet them. But, it is also their opportunity to see where they'll work and who they'll work for. 

The work environment is more important than ever. People who work in bad conditions are less motivated, productive, and more likely to look elsewhere for a job. That is why creating good working environment is a key element of a fruitful task accomplishing. So to get something from your staff, you need to offer them good work conditions. 

The workspace compatibility has a huge impact on the work of your candidates. With that in mind, make sure that their first impression of your offices is positive. Give them a full view of the places they'll be seeing on a daily basis. Show them their office and desk. Introduce them to some of the people they'll work with. Tell them about the breaks, activities around the office, as well as their parking space. In other words, help your future employee feel comfortable in a new workplace.  

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Your Offer

If you find that a candidate is a good fit for your company, you'll want to give them an offer. You might even get a positive response from a rock-star candidate, one with excellent qualifications that gets to be picky about where he works. 

When this happens, you need to send an attractive offer. This doesn't only refer to the sum you'll offer them as a salary. It is about the key things that create the whole picture of your company. For instance, language – it should be direct, positive and honest. Moreover, your offer letter needs to be detailed, specific, and enticing. It should show not only the needed information, but also mention the value of the employee, that they can bring to the company. In other words, it needs to welcome your new member of the company. 

Continuous Onboarding

Hiring an employee is just the first step of the onboarding process. You need to continuously stimulate employees to work at their best and make them feel like they've made the right choice when applying to work at your company. The best and reliable way to help your employee professional development is not to make them improve their skills and perform the needed tasks, because you say so, but to create the atmosphere where each employee will be responsible for their actions and feel themselves an important part of the working process.

That is why you need to be accurate regarding each detail of an onboarding process. Make the most of your staff's first days in the office. Share relevant information, request their feedback, provide them with accurate and detailed information, allow them some time to adjust, and provide the necessary training. Remember, that each person likes attention and the feeling of value. The best motivation is not about money, it is about the spirit of the company and its culture that inspires to march ahead.

Treat your employees with respect and make them want to come to work. 


If you want to increase employee retention and keep your staff happy, you need a good strategy for onboarding. This will, in return, allow you to attract more customers, save more money, and help run your business smoothly.

About Author: Helen Birk is a Human Resources manager at a popular company. She works side by side with employers and staff to assist them and motivate them. Birk holds a degree in Psychology and has a Master's degree in Business Communications. 

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