HR Cloud Announces New CEO

Mar 02, 2022
HR Cloud Announces New CEO
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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - HR Cloud, a human resource software company, has appointed engineering leader, Krishna C. Surendra, as Chief Executive Officer.

Surendra, the former Chief Technology Officer, has led HR Cloud through several transformational changes in his tenure. During his career, Surendra gained extensive experience leading cross-functional global product development teams. Industry peers regard Surendra highly for his ability to build high-value industry partnerships and integrations.

Surendra started working at HR Cloud in 2016 as the Director of Engineering. He became Chief Technology Officer in 2018 before accepting the CEO position in 2021. During this time, Surendra has emerged as an HR technology expert. Surendra plans to use his expertise to build tools that improve corporate communication and make work environments more rewarding for employees of all levels.

According to Surendra, his main priority as a CEO will be "keeping customers happy”. Surendra plans to strengthen HR Cloud’s product-led growth strategy saying, “expanding our HR applications will organically lead to revenue expansion”. Additionally, Surendra emphasizes, “securing additional strategic partnerships and integrations will generate referral revenue opportunities and make the HR Cloud experience more valuable for our current customers”.

By enabling companies to provide an outstanding experience for their employees, HR Cloud Increases productivity and reduces turnover rates While hundreds of businesses already use HR Cloud, including major companies like Toyota and Peloton, Surendra's leadership aims to make HR Cloud the de facto HR platform for countries throughout the United States and internationally.


Author Bio: This article is written by our marketing team at HR Cloud. HR Cloud is a leading provider of HR solutions, including recruiting, onboarding, employee engagement, and intranet software. Our aim is to help your company improve employee engagement, employee productivity, and to save you valuable time!

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