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We're excited to announce our partnership with Engagedly; a real-time performance management software system that incorporates on-going check-ins, goal tracking, and 360 feedback.

By connecting these two platforms, users will be able to seamlessly onboard employees with HR Cloud, then quickly track their employees' performance in Engagedly.

Why We're Teaming Up With Other Experts

Setting a new standard in human resources software, the HR Cloud suite offers an easy-to-use, paperless solution for all of your company’s onboarding needs, including I-9/ E-Verify compliance.

But our new friends at Engagedly excel in an arena we haven’t yet fully ventured into: performance appraisal.

Historically a complex process, Engagedly offers a fresh take on the reviewing of employees, and engaging those employees with specific, trackable goals and saving HR admins valuable time. In other words, Engagedly is the perfect partner and we’re excited to offer HR Cloud users another integration to improve their workflow. Additional integration benefits include data export and single sign-on capabilities.

Two Powerful Platforms = One Powerful Solution

This turnkey integration allows HR admins to create employee profiles, locations, departments, and positions in both HR Cloud and Engagedly. Employee information like employee photo, roles and manager can be synced in real time, between the two systems. 

The integration also provides single sign-on (SSO) capability for the ultimate convenience—meaning that by signing into HR Cloud, you have complete access to the Engagedly app as well.

When connected, the two platforms act and feel as one, supercharging your HR admins efforts, multiplying the amount of information they have to work with and, ultimately, increasing the bottom line for every business.

Discover Our  Many Other Integrations

For a complete list of apps that integrate with HR Cloud, visit:

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HR Cloud is a leading developer of HR software & HRMS solutions for small and medium size businesses that have high turnover. HR Cloud's Onboard is market leading technology for effective new hire onboarding and Workmates enables employee engagement simply and easily. Founded in 2012, our HRIS empowers teams to easily onboard new hires, manage employee data, create a company social network and support employee development.

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