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"To describe the employee experience at any company as "excellent", the culture within the company must possess superior value and elevated virtue. iFIT demonstrates this through a people-first mentality."
Danielle Palmer iFIT
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Who is iFIT?

FIT® is a global fitness and well-being subscription technology company that provides unmatched fitness experiences and solutions to its growing community of over 6.4+ million members in over 120 countries. iFIT’s industry-leading brands – NordicTrack®, ProForm®, Sweat®, Freemotion®, Weider® and 29029® – are powered by the iFIT integrated health and fitness platform, which seamlessly connects the company’s proprietary software, experiential content and interactive hardware.

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How do you encourage cross-functional collaboration in your organization?

To encourage interdepartmental communications, iFIT has implemented Slack chats with topic-specific channels geared towards interests and teams. We also create projects and tasks in Asana to encourage further collaboration. Scheduling cross-functional meetings between teams to share and consider ideas also fosters collaborative progress. To encourage connection and friendships, we also hold employee events for socialization across departments. Our annual Lagoon day is a well-loved tradition. We periodically host lunch celebrations and open houses for the entire company, and include remote employees by providing DoorDash gift cards and live streamed videos of the events with interactive chat.

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How do you improve leadership communication?

iFIT sends out company-wide emailed announcements for significant company news and updates, as well as Slack announcements. Some of our announcements get live-streamed by video. Our first live-streamed global event occurred in June where our CEO announced our corporate name change from ICON Health & Fitness to iFIT.

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How is the employee experience affected by COVID-19 and how do you improve the employee experience?

Within the first week of the COVID outbreak, over 1,000 employees were successfully moved to remote work. When we had a visit from a representative of Utah Dept of Health and Human Services to review and make recommendations for iFIT’s COVID response efforts, our excellent people-first mentality was demonstrated in their reaction. Their report did not reflect any recommendations because we were doing everything and more. The representative, Captain Blackwell from the Utah National Guard, said we were going above and beyond what they have seen everywhere else. “In the armed forces we refer to the very best as the tip of the spear. In my mind [iFIT] is the tip of the spear in this fight against covid." Many employees continue to work from home and iFIT is committed to keeping this option flexible moving forward. This arrangement has improved employee experience by enhancing employee work-life balance.

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How do you measure your employee experience score?

To show our employees we care, we have created an Employee Experience Team to collect feedback across review sites including Indeed, Glassdoor, Comparably, and InHerSight. We encourage employees to leave confidential reviews where we will respond and, when appropriate, direct specific concerns to HR or a confidential email for further discussion. This team also analyzes all the feedback to recommend possible improvements for iFIT’s future progress. On Comparably, we rank in the top 5% of 2,026 similarly sized companies, and recently listed among winners of the 2021 Best Company Work-Life Balance Award with a 4.6-star overall rating. iFIT also ranks as a top 25 employer nationally on InHerSight.