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6 Advantages of an Employee Tracker Software

Mar 01, 2021
6 Advantages of an Employee Tracker Software
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It doesn’t matter what kind of job you have, the employer is always going to expect his employees to be productive for their assignments. Tracking employee productivity plays a critical role in developing the productivity of your business and its growth. Both employees and the employer have to be aware of the benefits of using employer tracker software for their company. It helps them in improving their working style for enhancing productivity. Although tracking the employees of your company might seem like you do not trust them, it is a wrong belief. Let's take a look at the benefits of using this software.

Better project management

Employee tracking software allows you to manage company projects by planning, organizing, scheduling, and prioritizing different tasks. These tasks are then assigned to all company resources. 

The software helps in planning and scheduling the different tasks by analyzing the time the resource will take for completing the assigned task. This is how you may organize and prioritize various tasks according to the planned schedule. The software allows you to track the productive time spent on different tasks and it leads to more effective project management. It is also useful to the PEO services working in places such as Singapore for instance that provide employee management solutions such as Singapore Payrolls.

One of the main objectives of having employee tracking software is for creating correct attendance records of the staff. You can find several factors associated with the attendance of an employee such as start time schedule, off time schedule, leaves, arrival time, break time, etc. All this apart, the hourly work attendance is significant for analyzing the performance of an employee. It is even easier to record employee attendance when all the employees are required to report to the same manager. However, you need many supervisors for various departments for recording the attendance of several members of the staff and workers scattered across the globe. In such cases, it is this work of recording the attendance that becomes a big problem. Therefore, while planning the leaves of the employees, it is necessary to monitor their attendance via a proper system. If a few minutes delay or latency is involved in finishing a job by employees, it can lead to a huge downfall.

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Establishes an effective and streamlined communication channel

Everyone is aware that you are required to interact seamlessly with different members of your team for fixing the issues you face during project development or while the work is in progress. By using the advanced technology for implementing the streamlining of all communication tools into one platform, they are in reality providing the software in the form of service. The employee productivity software is also useful for sharing files, handling text messages, video conferencing, emails, etc. by using a single platform. The effective communication channels that are used together with productivity tracking apps are beneficial throughout the project.

In most cases, the employees do not commit mistakes on purpose. They are also human beings and they may commit some errors without realizing that they have done so. This is a pretty common scenario when the employees have misunderstood the instructions provided to them by the managers for completing an assignment. But, many times it doesn’t matter whether the mistakes were made intentionally or unintentionally. The consequences involved in the errors can turn out to be drastic for the organization. Due to this, the team manager has to keep a close watch on the work completed by the employees so that he or she can identify the errors quickly before things get out of hand and it is too late. Some of the advantages of using the employee tracking software for this are that you can send them reminders, check the progress occasionally, and ensure that they are on the right track all the time. If you are using a properly structured employee tracking system, this whole process of rectifying the employee errors in the early stages becomes straightforward.

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Simple employee evaluation

If the employees are using a productivity monitoring software, things become simple for the management to spot all the mistakes they are making during project execution. This software is useful for evaluating the performance of all employees in real-time. It will not only highlight the errors but the problems can be easily rectified on the spot. This leads to better quality at work and makes things simple for accomplishing successful project deliverables.

All business owners dream about having a creative and hardworking team at their disposal. However, in reality, it is extremely difficult to assemble such a competent team for any business. There are always going to be one or more members of the staff that do not follow the rules of the company and do not work according to the instructions provided. Therefore, it is the top priority for the supervisors to identify these incompetent employees and try to weed them out from their teams before they can corrupt the other members of the team with them. When you are monitoring the employees working in a place, the supervisors can get real-time notifications about the behavior of the employee and they can quickly and simply assess how engaged the employee is in his or her workplace. The process can filter out all the unethical members of your staff so that the management can take swift disciplinary action against these employees.

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Assess the employee performance in real-time

Different managers will be able to see the real-time performance of employees by using perfect employee tracking software. The errors made by the employees are highlighted but, the good work they have put in will also be noted by the team managers. The team management can take screenshots of the work completed by the staff and motivate them to perform even better. When the manager has a clearer picture of employee real-time performance it is extremely beneficial to him for planning the appraisals and creating performance reviews.

One of the more significant aspects of maintaining a satisfied workplace will be promptly handling all the time off requests from the employees. In case an employee has to face an emergency at his residence and is forced to leave the office on short notice, then no employee is going to be happy about going from one office to another department to get the grant for a leave request. It will adversely affect the morale of the employee as well. Therefore, if a company introduces employee tracking software in its operations, it will allow the employee to keep track of their leave history and if required request a leave. This is a great boost to the morale of the employee. In addition to this, it will also save the time of his or her superior because there is no need to meet the employee personally for granting the leave request. By using just a single tap of the finger these leave requests can either be granted or denied.

Develop a stronger relationship

If you can understand the employee performance and interact with them for improvement in their skills at work, it allows the employers to develop a stronger relationship with the staff. The software allows the managers to conduct a one-to-one chatting session for highlighting and rectifying the errors instead of discussing these errors in front of all the team members. It makes the staff more comfortable with the employer and can motivate them to keep being productive at work.

The management can't judge the strengths and weaknesses of their employees in a single meeting. The employee tracking software allows the managers to provide a tangible, real, and accurate performance analysis to their employees. To systematically comprehend the decision-making, creativity, and communication skills of a staff member, the management has to closely monitor their employees in various situations. By using the employee tracking software the supervisors can take a look at the bigger picture and they can evaluate a person thinking out of the box. This will enable the management in their understanding about an employee that is capable of handling a specific situation. Full data about the strengths and weaknesses of the employee helps an organization in using his or her qualities at the time of crisis.

Provides employee recognition

Normally the employees feel that they are being monitored to find out their mistakes. But, the productivity tracking software also provides an opportunity for employee recognition

The real-time performance of the employees is recorded as evidence of their performance for the appraisal and it also allows the managers to appreciate their good performance on the spot. This software allows the employees to feel happy and comfortable in their work environments.


The software generates productivity reports that are real-time for all the employees. The list of more productive employees is also displayed on the software dashboard. It allows all other members of the team to compete and maintain their position on the list. The software is a perfect platform for the employer and the employee both.

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