9 Tips on HR Interactions for Millennials

Dec 10, 2021
9 Tips on HR Interactions for Millennials
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Finding a job often appears to be an extremely difficult process. You need to foresee a lot of things and build the right interaction with the desired company. Even more complicated procedures of employment are faced by millennials. Why? Mostly because of lack of experience in both a job applied for and the communication with a recruiter.

Surely many people ask the same questions before an interview. How to make an impression so that I’m hired? How do I choose a proper way of speaking? How to behave? 

If you are a responsible and reliable employee, the process of finding a job will entail no difficulties. Still, it is worth noting that having good academic performance may also come in handy. So, skillful usage of homework assistance tools such as essay title generator or grammar check service in your studies is a prerequisite for high college grades. Make sure you are a successful student so that you can become a welcomed employee as well. 

So how should you interact with HR? Here you will get some tips on how to establish connections and make a good impression.

1. Be Punctual and Attentive

Everyone knows how important punctuality is. Indeed, if you are even 10 minutes late for a job interview, you will disrupt the work schedule of an HR. Still, even this is not the worst thing you can do to ruin the first impression. Being late is an indicator of lack of engagement in work, negligence, or reluctance.

Being attentive means consciously fulfilling the requirements of HR. If you are asked to complete a test task, do not hesitate to do so and show your skills. Otherwise, your inattention will be considered a serious blunder.

2. Consider the Role of Social Media

It’s not a secret that the Internet plays a great part in the process of employment nowadays. And it’s not limited to only generation Z. Anyone willing to ensure effective interaction with HR must think about developing social media pages and making them attractive. 

One of the first steps HR takes is monitoring social media in search of eligible candidates. This helps them get an idea of an applicant’s sense of humor, attitude towards people, and working strategies. Thus, a recruiter considers the most attractive candidates those who can make a good impression with help of Twitter, Instagram, or other resources.

3. Personalize Your Message

When interacting with an HR person through social media, make sure your message is not lost among the piles of other formulaic applications. Hopefully, you don’t come up with the idea of ​​sending a resume downloaded from the Internet. What you must do is create a selling message for recruiting agencies.

Reminding HR of your acquaintance with them, underlining what contacts you have in common is a good strategy. Most of the recruiters have nearly 10,000 contacts on LinkedIn, so they are unlikely to remember speaking with you 5 years ago at some event.

4. Keep in Touch but Avoid Being Annoying

In the case of employing social media to interact with HR managers, it is necessary to follow some rules. First and foremost, you must forget about the obsessive desire to send millions of messages every day. Keeping in touch is great, but if you call HR every 2 days asking if there is a vacancy, you will be considered a desperate job seeker. 

A lot of people nowadays prefer text messages to phone calls. So do most recruiters. To remind a manager of yourself, just use the email from time to time.

5. Showing Career Goals

Be careful about telling HR about your goals. Why? Of course, it is great if you plan to become the head of a department but it is recommended not to tell this at the interview.

A good strategy is to show that you have a common goal of career development.  Awareness is crucial for HR: demonstrate that your choice of a company depends not just on circumstances, but follows a particular goal. In a word, HR will be impressed that you have a general understanding of the plan of meeting this objective.

6. Offer Your Help

It may sound a bit controversial at first sight. But here is a point. If an HR person contacts you to offer a position but you are not very interested in it, employ the following strategy. Recommend suitable candidates, if there are such people in your mind. This will help you remain in HR’s memory and maybe they will one day do you a favor in return.

7. Make Sure Your Resume is Up-To-Date

You never know when the possibility of getting a new position will appear on the horizon. Thus, updating a resume is also crucial to always keep on top of things. No matter which way your career is going to develop, try to edit your resume by inserting all the latest details in it. Remember: you must be ready to send the resume and interact with HR at any time.

8. Willingness to Defend Personal Interests

How to behave at the interview with an HR specialist? One of the secrets is to maintain your dignity, to bargain about some things, to push for conditions that you consider favorable for yourself.

For example, what to do if you are offered the minimum wage, though you are sure there is the possibility to get more? Convincing HR to offer you a better salary is an effective approach. Recruiters tend to consider specialists who value themselves. 

But, of course, you must be polite while trying to set your rules. Moreover, show that you are suitable for the employer. In such a case, if you justify your claims for a higher salary and better terms, recruiters are likely to offer you a position.

9. Ensure an Equal Dialogue

Interaction with HR should not look like you are trying to answer the given questions at the speed of light. It must be a conversation between two full-fledged parties, but not an exam. Recruiters need to see that the potential employee is as interested in communicating as they are.

Final Words

Sitting through an interview is not as difficult as it may seem at first sight. Just make sure you do your market and company research before you go in. This will help you make a good impression and accelerate the process of getting accepted. If you are having trouble updating your resume, you can make a resume online using ResumebuilderPro.com. This tool provides multiple templates and effective content tailored to specific job positions and industries. So if you want to save some time and still have a professional resume, check out our resume builder.


Author Bio: This article is written by our marketing team at HR Cloud. HR Cloud is a leading provider of HR solutions, including recruiting, onboarding, employee engagement, and intranet software. Our aim is to help your company improve employee engagement, employee productivity, and to save you valuable time!

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