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How To Use Social Media To Improve Employee Engagement

How To Use Social Media To Improve Employee Engagement
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With every business, promoting maximum employee engagement is highly appreciated. With more personnel engagement, you can expect your workers to be more dedicated to their job. This way, they can provide better quality output while staying in an environment they enjoy being a part of. As long as your employees enjoy working in your company, the higher chances they’ll stay in for longer periods of time and continue to contribute to the success of the organization. 


Using social media to improve employee engagement has become more popular these days. As you try to involve your employees outside of their workstream, they can find your strategy fun and enjoyable. Below are some ways to use social media to improve employee engagement:  


1. Write Plenty Of Useful And Relevant Content 


One of the most basic ways you can help to improve employee engagement is by posting plenty of informative and useful content that your employees could benefit from. It could be an update about the achievements or changes of the company or any workplace tips that your employees can use while working at your office. To ensure that you’ll get as many responses from your employees, you should allow your post to be related to current events.  

When writing plenty of useful content, ensure that you post it strategically during the day. To save your time from being on social media and clicking the ‘post’ button every few hours, you might want to schedule your post so that it’ll be automatically shared to your account. This will save you time and effort and allow you to focus on creating more valuable content for your social media page. 

Further, try to make a catchier title so your employees will be encouraged to read and interact with them. 


2. Recognize Outstanding Team Members’ Efforts  

There’s no better feeling than being promoted and letting the people know about it. After all, all of their hard work delivered terrific results. 

To make your team personnel feel extra special and recognized with their promotion, you could create a work social media post about the advancement of your employee in their career. This would help people know that you value them and engage congratulatory from their peers.  

Apart from promotions, you should also recognize your employees for any achievements and the like. It could be getting positive feedback from your clients or delivering quick and quality work for your business. Those small acts would help make your employees feel better about themselves, encouraging them to work harder and better for your company. Plus, their colleagues can send them nice notes for a job well done.


3. Run Company-wide Contests 

If you’re looking for the most effective ways to improve worker engagement rates through social media for your company, you should consider running an online contest in which everyone can participate. This way, you can allow your employees to engage on your social media accounts by submitting their entries and casting votes online. You can even encourage their family and friends to help vote so they can win the contest.  

There are plenty of contests you could run for your employees. You could hold a singing, dancing, or art contest for everyone. To allow for maximum engagement, you should strategically plan the duration of each competition and enable more people to join in. You can make 50% of the criteria for the contest to be based on likes and comments, while the other 50% will be based on how you grade them for their talent. This way, you can encourage people to spread the word about your contests as quickly as possible.  


4. Share Behind The Scenes (BTS) Content 

Letting everyone know what happens behind the closed door of your business would always be a great and fun idea to improve employee engagement. Once they see how their colleagues act during their work and break would be a great way to promote a fun environment while also allowing people to comment about how great it is to be working inside your company.  

For your social media post, you can take a quick snapshot of busy employees working on finishing their tasks, having a great lunch date with their team, or even showing a cool new appliance for your pantry. Even the smallest details about the life of your employees behind their computer screens would be a helpful way to encourage workplace engagement

5. Involve Employees With Product Launches 

If your business is planning to post a new product to the market, you might want to gather help from your employees to promote them. While you can always advertise your new product, letting your own people post them on their personal social media pages would help reach more people while also encouraging engagement from your employees. They can be as creative as they want when promoting your product.  

As you ask for help from your employees to launch and promote your product, you can set up a new hashtag where everyone will use their page. Ideally, they should tag your page so that people can quickly access your website for a quicker purchase. You can even provide small perks or incentives to encourage people to post as much as they want.


6. Run A Poll 

If you need to ask non-work-related questions to your employees, social media is the perfect platform to hold a poll for everyone to participate in. Moreover, you can also encourage everyone on social media to join in. It'll only take a few seconds of their time to help to promote the maximum employee engagement possible. 

There are plenty of basic questions you could ask your employees. It could be asking about their favorite sports team or even their favorite drink for the day. If you’d like to make it more engaging, whichever wins should be displayed inside your office. Additionally, you can even include some freebies in your pantry. 

For example, if you hold a simple poll of coffee or tea on your social media page, you should purchase the winning item and place it in your pantry with a label of ‘poll winner;’ it’ll be a cute surprise that your employees would surely appreciate and enjoy.  

The Verdict 

Improving your employee engagement through social media is highly encouraged by all businesses. Not only that it allows you to make your social media presence nosier, but it can also help to make your team members a lot happier under your care. If you prioritize your employees’ needs, you can guarantee a better output from them. 


Author Bio: This article is written by our marketing team at HR Cloud. HR Cloud is dedicated to providing powerful solutions for your HR teams and creating an exceptional employee experience. Our aim is to help your company improve employee engagement, onboarding, and to save you valuable time!


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