7 Steps to Ensure High Employee Engagement in Your Organization

May 07, 2020
7 steps to ensure high employee engagement in your organization
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Business organizations across the globe aim towards the attainment of absolute employee engagement. This is attributed to the fact that employee engagement, single-handedly brings innumerable benefits, which have the potential to transform a company into a leading business organization. If you too aspire to avail these benefits by cultivating a culture of extremely engaged employees in your organization, this article will be of great help to you. In its endeavour to enlighten you more on the topic, it sheds light on 7 effective steps by following which you can succeedingly accomplish high employee engagement.

1. Let passion be the basis of your hiring procedure:

Your task of cultivating an engaged workforce begins right from the moment you decide to hire them. While conducting the recruitment procedure, it is extremely important for you to hire your employees in accordance with their right motivational fit. By doing so, you designate your employees to do the kind of work, which they are passionate about. When your employees are enthusiastic about their work profile, they devote their heart and soul towards your organization, which is a major trait of engaged employees. Therefore, you can simply take your first progressive leap of cultivating an engaged workforce by letting passion be the basis of your hiring procedure.

2. Pay them as per their calibre:

Employee contentment is a big contributing factor which facilitates the cultivation of an extremely engaged workforce. In order to make your employees feel content, it is necessary for you to offer them exactly what they deserve. This implies that they should be hired at right salary packages, which are determined on the basis of the skills they possess. Moreover, salary packages play such a crucial role in employee engagement, as money is the basic reason which drives your employees and everyone else in the world to work. When this important factor is neglected, your employees feel as if they are being over-exploited. This acts as a degrading force for your employees’ engrossment in work. Therefore, offering the right salary package is the second step of your way towards achieving high employee engagement.

3. Extend proper human treatment to your employees:

You have much greater responsibilities to shoulder than just providing your employees with their wages and other basic amenities like clean drinking water, washrooms and a hygienic place to work. In fact, your biggest responsibilities are centered around making your employees feel valued by treating them humanly. Many employers mistake humane treatment to be human, but there is a big difference between them both.

To expand a little, humane treatment is all about providing your employees with basic amenities, as discussed above, whereas, human treatment is way beyond that. It is centered around rendering your employees with the most essential requirements of appreciation, recognition and belongingness. These values of human treatment together, encourage the development of your employees’ emotional connection with the workplace, which ultimately stimulates them to work for the success of the company. Therefore, extension of human treatment is your third step towards establishing a culture of employee engagement.

4. Conduct weekly discussion sessions:

Feedback is the candelabrum which guides your employees on the path of improvement. In order to extend your feedback with maximum effect, it is important to maintain a minimum time gap between your employees’ action and your reaction. This can be done by conducting weekly discussion sessions, in which you and your employees can sit together and address the prevailing issues. In addition to this, it is must for you as an employer, to attentively listen to what your employees have to say. It is through effective listening that you can get introduced to the problems which might be hampering your employees’ engagement in work such as workplace stress, burn out or inappropriate behavior by a supervisor. By addressing these issues with utmost care and sincerity, you can restore your employees’ engrossment in work. This constitutes your fourth step towards achieving absolute employee engagement in your company.

5. Give recognition to their efforts:

Praise is something which we all strive to achieve. It feels so good to be appreciated by others. Further, recognition and appreciation both give a tremendous boost to our self-confidence and thus, motivate us to keep going. You can use these two effective tools of appreciation and recognition to give a huge splurge to your employees’ spirit to yield the best results for your organization. This is because praise gives a boost to your employees’ morale by making them feel valued. 

Additionally, when your employees feel valued, they are ready to go every extra mile in ensuring the best for your company. There are a number of ways through which you can acknowledge your employees’ efforts and make them feel important. For this, you can even award them with mails or trophies with having their names as the best employee of the month or a free family trip or promotion can be used as a methodology to motivate your employees. This concludes your fifth step towards the cultivation of an engaged workforce.

6. Create healthy groups of like-minded employees:

“If you wish to move fast, move along. If you wish to move far, move together.” These words of Ratan Tata, clearly highlight the importance of teamwork in helping an organization pave its long journey to success. In order to derive maximum output from the teams of your employees, it is necessary for you to create healthy groups. This can be done by grouping like-minded people together. By doing so, you minimize the chances of conflict within the groups, and thus, maximize productivity. Along with this, grouping like-minded employees together acts as a doorway to the establishment of better connections between your workers. This further, promotes a happy work culture which nourishes employee engagement. Therefore, creation of healthy work groups is the sixth step of your way towards accomplishing high rates of employee engagement.

7. Invest in your employees:

Many organizations like Google and Amazon have taken the charge of investing in their employees by helping them in their endeavor of attaining higher educational degrees. Such initiatives offer dual benefits to the organizations by enhancing employee engagement along with polishing the skills of the employees. When you invest in your employees, you make them feel as if they are treasured assets of your organization. Such feelings serve as stimulants for your employees’ heightened engrossment in work. Therefore, investment in employees is the seventh effective step of your way towards accomplishing a workforce of engaged employees.

To conclude, employee engagement is a necessary requirement for your organization to climb the ladder of progress. It is by following the above mentioned steps that you can cultivate an engaged workforce, which can lead your organization to soar high in success.

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