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HR Cloud and ADP Workforce Now: Integrated Onboarding

Apr 03, 2018
HR Cloud and ADP Workforce Now: Integrated Onboarding
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Shouldn’t HR Be Easy? 

We have all asked ourselves this question while stumbling upon old W-2 forms nestled among forgotten paperwork, or after the sixteenth email you've sent to your coworker Sam in accounting asking him to please fill out his direct deposit form.

We've shared countless similar tales with our ADP cohorts over drinks.

This is why, we’ve directly integrated with ADP’s Run and Workforce Now solutions.

“I can’t say this enough: Without HR Cloud, we could not have communicated important project information or demonstrated that we could take on an increased workload. We now provide real-time workforce statistics and productivity reports that have helped us win more projects.”

Shirley Garcia Auditing and Operations Administrator of Medlinks Cost Containment, Inc. and Medlinks Staffing, LLC

How did we do it?

By delivering an efficient, appealing onboarding experience and taking care of admin tasks. In fact, HR Cloud and ADP agreed that one should simplify the other.

The onboarding process involves many groups, has strict legal compliance requirements, and is one of the first ways a new employee experiences the company.

HR Cloud allows users to automate these complex processes with full audit tracking and reporting, all while giving our new team members a modern, convenient experience throughout onboarding software.

That’s why, with HR Cloud’s ADP integration, mid-sized businesses will enjoy seamless data flow from HR Cloud to ADP.

Simply activate Onboard’s New Hire feature and your ATS candidate info becomes new hire employee info in Onboard. Then, watch as that information - direct deposit, personal info, etc - migrates directly into WFN. This simple functionality eliminates duplicate data snafus, manual data entry, and paper-based systems of information storage.

That’s right: you can sell that filing cabinet taking up 80% of the space in your office and buy a pinball machine for the break room. Or turn it into a coffee bar. Or let Pam from Acquisitions finally teach that origami workshop using old performance reviews. The sky's the limit.

Onboard’s Form Builder gives users the ability to create dynamic, multipurpose forms at a moment’s notice with an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface. Plus, transform paper documents into electronically fillable PDFs with e-signature capability.

PII-encrypted document storage and personalized access permissions combined with WFN’s robust security protocols grant admins an extra layer of security and oversight over the onboarding process.


Buyer's Guide to Innovative Onboarding Technology

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Let’s Talk Process

Your new employees want three things in an onboarding process: they want to know what their job is, how to do it correctly and to get compensated for doing so.

Yet, so many companies who otherwise excel in their production let these basic tenets of their onboarding experience languish. Onboard provides an intuitive solution that puts the impetus for cultural acclimation into the hands of your new hires with our employee self-service portals.

Your new folks will be greeted with a custom-branded portal, replete with welcome messages, easy-access training materials, and any documents that need their attention. You’ll use our Checklist builder (here is how to create a checklist) to build curated task workflows that fit your specifications, so onboardees are clear on where they need to be and what they should be doing.

You’ll also have the ability to track onboard and compliance progress in the Onboard program by creating reports to see who needs to complete what. You’ll save energy, sanity, and time by using the Dashboard to remind Phil in Logistics to complete his employment eligibility documentation. That already sounds more pleasant than chasing around elusive, potentially incomplete pieces of paper. Your WFN integration assures documents will be stored securely on both platforms, while an added in-portal toggle feature removes user confusion.

Onboarding with HR Cloud’s employee self-service ethos makes your new hires stand out from day one by becoming confident, productive contributors.

“Our hiring managers now have a reliable system that is easy to navigate. Our HR team can actively monitor the process, and assist if needed, but Onboard has helped them save so much valuable time and effort while increasing data accuracy. All of this has helped us improve compliance and gives us a powerful tool to achieve even more results in the future.”

Kaylee Collins HR Analyst of Osmose Utilities Services, Inc

Breathe. It’s Just Compliance.

Nobody likes to deliver a tentative non-confirmation to an eager new hire, especially due to a preventable clerical error. 

Onboard eradicates compliance worries by incorporating direct submission to E-Verify in-app, letting your new hires get their share of the paperwork done before they even get in the door.

Once you fill out page 2, simply click ‘Submit’ and start managing your case without leaving the program. Completed compliance documents are archived under world-class data privacy standards including SOC-2, Privacy Shield, and GDPR

The First Step is Admitting You Have A Spreadsheet Problem

Now, some of you Excel devotees may be a little reluctant to give up your spreadsheets, we get it. But what if you could reclaim your time and resources spent slagging through Spreadsheet Swamp by compiling reports in your onboarding application?

Filter out criteria with custom fields to keep track of onboarding progress and training completion. Because you’ve already populated templates in WFN by using Onboard, you’ll simply confirm new hires’ information in your WFN payroll, benefits, and time/attendance tracking system.

Metrics Manifest Engagement

If you’re already a WFN user, you know you’ve got the goods when it comes to analytics. HR Cloud’s Workmates, an intuitive engagement tool, is an ideal platform for incorporating employee pools and survey metrics into everyday workplace interaction.

This is because Workmates is more than just a closed, company-level social network: it’s your organization’s digital town square where ideas are molded and needs are communicated.

“Interim Healthcare SLC needed HR technology, and we’re pleased with the results we’ve gained from HR Cloud’s solutions for recruiting, onboarding, and employee engagement. Yet it’s an opportunity for all Interim franchises. It would be so great if each franchise owner could implement similar solutions to replace legacy systems that might not work as well as they should.”

Michael Hawkins Franchise Owner of Interim HealthCare SLC


With Workmates, you’ll be able to implement and receive immediate feedback for new company initiatives. In turn, your employee’s responses will not only lend you valuable retooling metrics but will increase overall engagement. New hires will find themselves comfortably absorbed into workplace conversation by using Workmates and the accompanying OrgChart as functional company directories. 

Custom profiles allow employees to find like-minded individuals, creating connections ripe for new-hire mentoring.  In addition, the Kudos reward feature further aids the onboarding process by encouraging recognition of high performance and increasing engagement and retention.

HR Cloud and ADP: A Symbiosis

HR Cloud is the perfect partner for ADP Workforce users who want to maintain a robust employee experience and administrative peace of mind.

Does this sound like you?

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