HR Cloud’s Onboard helps you get rid of all the busy work when onboarding a new hire with smart automation, completely customizable forms, and streamline compliance verifications.

HR Cloud - Onboard - Portal

Beautiful & Personalized First Impression

HR Cloud’s Onboard delivers the level of personalization today’s employees expect. Welcome new hires with a customized portal that includes messaging, videos, content, and documents specifically for them.

HR Cloud - Onboard - Checklists

New Hires Will Be Productive on Day 1

Onboard’s self-service platform and automated reminders enables new employees to complete everything before their first day. That’s less time filling out documents and more time being productive from the get go.

HR Cloud - Onboard - Stress-Free Compliance

Stress-Free Compliance

Onboard makes it simple to maintain compliance with state and federal regulations, allowing your organization to avoid costly penalties. Streamline the E-Verify process and electronically sign, store, and audit I-9 and W-4 forms so that your organization can focus on its core business.

HR Cloud - Onboard - Progress

Stay Organized

Whether you’re onboarding 2 new hires or 2,000, HR Cloud’s onboarding software let’s you see where everyone is at in the onboard process at a glance.

HR Cloud - Onboard - Integrations

Integrates with Everything You’re Already Using

Onboard is part of HR Cloud which has apps for employee engagement, employee directory, and more!

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