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HR Manager Named Among Best Jobs in Recent Study

Mar 02, 2016
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The changing HR landscape is putting HR management front and center among desired positions in today's job market. According to recent research, HR managers rank as number six, sharing the spotlight with such popular professions as data scientists and mobile developers.

The research ranks jobs based on earning potential, number of job openings, and career opportunity ratings. With 3,468 openings, a median base salary of $85,000, and a career opportunity rating of 3.7, HR management is an increasingly attractive profession.

A Second Opinion

The research, from Glassdoor, is not the only industry watcher that thinks HR managers are in the limelight. According to a list of the hottest in-demand jobs for 2016 compiled by CareerBuilder in partnership with Economic Modeling Specialists Int (EMSI), HR managers rank in the top twenty hot jobs.

CareerBuilder's list is based on several factors, including:
• the number of job ads posted each month compared to the number of positions filled
• job growth
• median salary

The study reveals that HR management positions have increased by 14,218 since 2010, indicating a healthy growth in demand for the position.

Why HR Management Is So Hot

What is happening in HR management that makes it such a desirable place to be now? Laura Mazzullo, owner of East Side Staffing, a firm based in New York that specializes in HR recruitment, believes the increase in interest is a sign of a change in organizational priorities. She notes: "Responding to the current business trend of improving corporate cultures, HR has naturally become a more deeply respected, valued part of the business."

Jim Link, Randstad North America Chief HR Officer, believes that this growing demand is "likely driven by recent employment legislation and changes to health care, retirement plans, and the way employers approach employee safety and wellness programs."

Where HR Management Is Headed

There is a seismic shift occurring in HR management today. According to Josh Bersin in SHRM's "The State of HR Technology Today", more than $40 billion annually is spent on HR tools and technology globally.

It stands to reason that this major investment in HR technology will have a significant impact on the role of HR managers in coming years. HR managers who rise to the top of their professional will be those who embrace new technologies, acquire specialized skills in niche HR areas like HRIS analysis and company culture consultation, and adapt to an ever-changing corporate climate.

TWEET: HR managers who rise to the top will be those who embrace new tech.

HR technology today is less about record keeping and more about data-driven management. Harnessing the potential of technology, savvy HR managers will continue to play an integral part in shaping policies, procedures, and culture of the companies for which they work.

The future of HR management is bright for those who move forward with the times. No longer relegated to the sidelines, HR managers are increasingly considered to be front-line strategists for companies seeking to make the most of their most valuable asset, their employees.

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