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I-9 and E-Verify Compliance Made Easy

Feb 13, 2018
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Every company is different - the products you sell, the customers you help and the workflows you use are all uniquely your own. But, no matter what type of business you run, the U.S. government still requires you to verify the employment eligibility of each team member within your organization. If you don’t, you could face hefty fines of up to $1,000 or more per employee.

HR admins are well acquainted with this fact. And they know first-hand the amount of work required to stay compliant via the traditional paper-based systems many businesses still use. From chasing down new employees and making sure they fill out their I-9 documents, to storing countless sheets of paper in overstuffed filing cabinets, the work is tedious, time consuming and prone to error.

Fortunately, HR Cloud has the digital solution to simplify the entire process.

A Streamlined System

At HR Cloud, our goal is to make the life of every HR admin easier. That’s why our electronic I-9 system inside Onboard allows you to fill out employment eligibility verification forms digitally, on any device. No more chasing paper!

Once these forms are finished and submitted, we streamline the I-9 verification process by offering seamless integration with Homeland Security’s E-Verify program. Meaning every federal I-9 document you’ve reported on is automatically cross-checked with official government records to guarantee full compliance. How’s that for simplicity?

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Completely Secure

But the responsibility for HR admins doesn’t stop once the forms are submitted… U.S law requires employers to retain current I-9 forms of every employee within their organization for either the first three years of employment, or one year after employment is terminated, whichever is later. That’s a lot of important data to hold onto!

Fortunately our system is SOC 2 compliant and all private information is protected by our industry-leading security measures such as multi-vendor firewalls, an application-aware perimeter network, and the replication of your data to our DR site in real-time.

Intuitive Reporting

What if you need to check the approval status of a specific I-9 document in your workforce? Or what if you’d like a detailed, PDF downloadable report for a specific employee on your team? Our overview dashboard gives you all the employee information you need - including each employee’s E-Verify status - in one, easy to read summary.

Your Complete, Customized Solution

HR Cloud’s Onboard software gives businesses a wealth of convenient features to help make I-9 compliance a pain-free process. But none of these features matter if they don’t integrate with your preferred systems and workflows...

Our I-9 compliance software gives you the power. Completed I-9’s can be automatically sent to the right person (the person you choose) for speedy approval, keeping the whole process moving forward without a hitch.

Wherever your new employees may be - out of the country, under water, or in space - our electronic I-9 documents are accessible and fillable on any device of their choice. And once those forms are finished, HR admins have the convenience of cloud storage, E-Verify system synchronization, customized workflows, top security measures and intuitive reporting options.

If your company isn’t using Onboard yet, maybe it’s time to start. Try it for free today and make I-9 verification a breeze!

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