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Is There a Better Alternative to Workplace by Facebook?

Aug 15, 2022
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The Rise of Enterprise Social Networking

As the business environment changes, companies adapt and evolve. One way that companies have changed with the times is by using social media for corporate communication.

This practice is called enterprise social networking (ESN). It enables teams to stay competitive and collaborative.

At the same time, ESN enables companies to maintain a relevant communications infrastructure in today’s social network-driven environment. In this way, ESN brings the power of social networking to the business world.

However, ESNs aren’t for casual socializing. Enterprise social networking platforms increase business value. They enable companies to collaborate and communicate more effectively. With ESN platforms, employers, employees and partners can stay plugged into conversations.

For example, platform users can receive regular status updates. They can also leave comments. Conversely, platform users can simply follow an activity stream.

In addition, ESN solutions enable real-time collaboration. For example, users can follow up on progress reports. They can also chat and make group contributions to projects.

Furthermore, an enterprise social network enables stakeholders to communicate in a variety of ways. For instance, one employee might start a conversation.

Meanwhile, other employees will add their opinions to the thread. Alternatively, users can visit existing threads and expand on a topic.

With an ESN platform, you can also manage corporate knowledge bases. For example, you can use an ESN platform to maintain a company wiki that will enable you to make the most of staff members expertise.

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Drawing the Line: Keeping Your Staff on Task

The use of public-facing social media on the job can reduce productivity considerably. Resultantly, a growing number of companies are banning social media use in the workplace.

However, social media platforms offer powerful, familiar business communication tools. Here is when an offering such as Facebook Workplace provides an advantage.

Today, just about everybody is used to instant communication and messaging. People know and love these features.

Facebook Workplace is basically like Facebook. However, it’s intended solely for business use.

With Facebook workspace, your contacts are limited to your coworkers. However, the platform does allow administrators to expand the network slightly. Companies can add external business partners to the system. This feature is helpful for project coordination.

Furthermore, ESN software makes it easy for project stakeholders to view important information in a single feed. Employees can monitor the feed to stay updated on the latest company news.

Still, you might wonder about its security and trusting your proprietary information to a service provider such as Facebook. To date, there hasn’t been a breach of the Facebook Workspace network. However, the company doesn’t have a stellar reputation when it comes to safeguarding user information.

Three Ways an Employee Communications Mobile App Can Help 

If you have adopted or are considering adopting Workplace by Facebook for employee communication and collaboration, it may seem like an easy decision—a vendor your leadership team will recognize and an interface your employees are likely familiar with. 

In reality, though, that may be where the advantages of choosing Facebook end. More HR teams are finding that alternatives like Workmates from HR Cloud offer more functionality at a fraction of the cost.

As consumers, we are often willing to pay a higher price for a product that offers more than the competition. But that isn’t the case with Workplace by Facebook. And now more than ever, it is critical for businesses to recognize the full value of their investments in employee solutions. 

In fact, when compared against Workmates, Facebook’s workplace solution costs 2-3 times more than HR Cloud’s offering, depending on the upcharge for frontline employees. The two solutions are comparable in some key areas—for example, both Facebook and HR Cloud support communication essentials such as workplace newsfeeds, groups, and an instant messenger—but Workmates offers many more tools to improve the entire employee experience.

Let’s examine six features in Workmates by HR Cloud that are not offered from Facebook, and why they should be important factors in your solution choice.

Workmates features
To learn more about the features and capabilities available in Workmates, download our ebook now.

The Importance of Empowering Remote Workers

The global economy has shifted through several monumental events recently. One of the main reasons why many companies have survived the past few years is because of remote workers.

Despite the move towards a more remote-focused world, these workers continue to be under-resourced. There are several basic systems that most in-house employees take for granted, such as:

  • A centralized communications portal

  • A reliable support network

  • The ability to voice their opinion in daily operations

Being an effective employer means being able to connect with and recognize all of your employees, no matter where they are. This can not only help raise company morale across the globe but productivity and employee retention as well.


Recognition and rewards

One of the most effective ways to drive employee engagement and motivate performance is enabling quick and easy employee recognition and rewards

Workmates offers “kudos,” an easy way for employees to recognize and thank their team members and peers for individual achievements, hard work, and those above-and-beyond moments with points that can be redeemed for gift cards, corporate items, and other valuable thank-you’s. 

While managers and teams could use workplace newsfeeds in Facebook to offer thanks and recognition, HR Cloud helps you integrate recognition in your culture and workplace directly.Recognition and rewards

A modern social intranet

This may be an area you’d expect Facebook to shine. But in reality, Workmates offers more customization options that ensures our solution fits the way your organization is structured. 

Portals, pages and content are presented based on employees’ roles, location, department, organization hierarchy or any combination of assignment criteria. We understand the need to share the right information and increase employee communication across your entire workforce regardless of how it is structured.A modern social intranet

Content management system

At the end of the day, Workplace by Facebook is still Facebook. But Workmates is designed to become part of your brand and culture from day one. 

As a fully featured content management system, Workmates allows you to create custom branded pages and upload your own content with ease—documents, newsletters, videos, links, images, rich text editing and more. Workmates even integrates with other leading document and content management systems to help you keep content up to date without having to reinvent your current workflows and processes.Content management system

Employee mobile app

This is clearly a must-have for today’s workforce, which has never been more remote or more mobile. Consider remote employees today who must balance work responsibilities with at-home classrooms, child care, personal care, virtual meetings on the road and more. 

Employee mobile app ensures every employee remains connected to their team and the organization whenever they are on the go and ensures critical information is always at their fingertips.Employee mobile app

Employee/brand advocacy

Another example of functionality where you might expect Facebook to have the upper hand. However Workmates does a better job of ensuring all employees have the tools they need to advocate for your brand online, promote your products or services, and contribute to a much stronger culture. 

HR Cloud’s social intranet makes it easy for employees to find and share content on their social networks or externally with customers and prospects. As advocates, employees can express positive feelings about their employer, highlight open positions, and promote the benefits of working for your company.brand advocacy

Proactive company announcements

Workmates can even make sure any employee receives important information, no matter how they prefer to receive it. For example, Workmates can send vital company updates and announcements by email, text messaging, SMS alerts (tied into local community’s emergency alert systems), instant messages, and newsletters. Managers can even request employee acknowledgments to make sure every employee is in the know.

To learn more about all of the features Workmates offers--and why it’s a better alternative to Workplace by Facebook, please download our Workmates features guide eBook today.Proactive company announcements

An Alternative to Facebook Workplace

If you’re looking for an alternative to Facebook Workplace, look no further than Workmates. Workmates offer all the functionality of Facebook Workplace.

The benefits of Workmates begin with comparing communication tool costs. You can access more features at half the price compared to using Facebook Workplace for corporate communication.

You may love the features of Facebook Workplace. However, you may not like the price.

Furthermore, the lack of business-centric features offered by Facebook Workplace may leave you unimpressed. Fortunately, you can get more for half the price by subscribing to Workmates.

It makes good sense to pay more for a service when you get more. However, that’s not the case with Facebook Workplace.

Facebook Workplace costs two times more than Workmates. If you consider the additional frontline employee upcharge, it cost three times more.

Still, you won’t have access to the range of features offered by Workmates. The Facebook platform also has fewer capabilities.

With Workmates, you’ll have access to a complete employee experience platform. You can access those features at a fraction of the cost of Facebook. Furthermore, Workmates integrates with several other powerful HR tools.

Why Switch From Facebook Workplace?

Facebook launched Workplace near the end of 2016. It now has more than 2 million individual paid users, including 150 large companies that utilize the platform for more than 100,000 workers.

Since 2018, there were two Workplace tiers: a free version and the Premium tier, which cost users $3 a month. But Facebook recently announced pricing changes for its Workplace social network for businesses. This has resulted in higher prices for existing customers.

It now costs up $8 per user per month, which is a significant rise from its previous price. 

If you're looking for Workplace alternatives that offer more functionality at a fraction of the cost, a great option is Workmates from HR Cloud. Facebook’s workplace solution costs 2-3x more than HR Cloud’s offering, depending on the upcharge for frontline employees.

Both platforms are comparable in several important areas. They both provide essential communication tools including:

  • Instant messenger

  • Groups

  • Workplace newsfeeds

But HR Cloud's Workmates offers several other tools to improve the entire employee experience. It makes the Facebook Workplace pricing hard to justify.

Let's take a look at one of the best Facebook Workplace competitors.

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Enterprise Social Networking With a Bang!

Workmates is your solution for simplifying corporate communication. It offers all the advantages of a modern, social intranet and more.

With our platform, you can create portals, pages and content as needed. More importantly, you can share information with the right people at the right time.

Workmates is your key to streamlining communication. With it, you can make sure that everyone has access to vital information.

The most prominent feature of Workmates is the centralized news feed. It’s the focal point of the employee experience. What’s more, employees have the ability to personalize the information in their feed.

The Workmates news feed is an excellent way for employees to stay informed about relevant company news and updates. They’ll also receive important announcements immediately.

Already, you can see there’s a big difference between Facebook Workforce and Workmates. Yet, there are even more powerful features packed into Workmates.

If your organization is large, for example, it’s not easy to keep track of who’s available. With Workmates, however, employees can easily set up out-of-office notifications. You can also use Workmates to make sure that everyone knows about important events.

Furthermore, Workmates takes the hard work out of recognizing peers and showcasing the good work of employees. It also makes it easy for stakeholders to receive and share mission-critical information. What’s even more remarkable, however, is that these benefits are just the tip of the iceberg.

Experience Workmates for yourself

Are you looking for a solution to complete your employee experience?

If you're looking for a Facebook Workplace alternative, look no further than Workmates by HR Cloud. They offer top-tier communication tools that your business needs at a fraction of the price.

Learn more about Workmates by HR Cloud as an alternative to Facebook’s offering by taking a quick, no-obligation demo or try out the FREE trial.

You’ll be surprised how much value our solution offers for a fraction of the cost of Workplace by Facebook.

How Much Can Workmates Save You?

  • Higher engagement
  • More features
  • Half the cost
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