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Not for #Slackers: Internal Communication Tips

Mar 12, 2019
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Successful organizations tend to have successful internal communications.  


In the present-day, digital age, the world of internal communication tools is progressing very quickly. Companies are starting to realize the positive impact effective communication and engaged employees have on overall business performance.  


No matter what size your organization is, or what it does, internal communication is essential for planning, operations, productivity and transforming the kind of corporate culture that accomplishes and maintains continued success.


In fact, and not surprising at all, 83% of respondents to a recent ATD poll said that communication is the most critical success factor for managers. Another study by Gallup reveals that employers are usually up to three-times more engaged when managers hold regular meetings with their teams.


The evidence to support employee communication is strong. So, what does it take to build successful internal communication? Here are some helpful tips:


The Way to Make it Work, Is to Not Make it Work
Make communication easy and fun with modern internal business networking software that encourages collaboration. Look for features that have a real-time social feed, company announcements, employee directory, direct messaging and even group chat to get your teams talking.

Keep Everyone in Sync, Regardless of Where They Are

Teams are stronger together, even if they are far apart. Employees should have the ability to share information and keep everyone in sync at any time, anywhere and on any device.  

Unite Your Team to Amplify Talent

Bring employees together. Bring out the best in them and enrich your company culture in the process. Amplify the office atmosphere and experience through increased employee recognition and engagement. Share the joys of a thriving company culture with remote colleagues. Transform your company culture, cultivate your people and help retain the highest performing talent.

Leverage Social Recognition and Rewards

Accomplishments come in all shapes and sizes and employee recognition should be a fundamental part of the employee experience. Highlighting exemplary behavior and encouraging employee recognition will help to improve overall satisfaction and engagement levels. Employee recognition software empowers every employee to recognize and be recognized on an equal playing field.

Treat Yourself & Others

Create a rewards recognition program, such as kudos. When a digital thumbs-up just isn’t enough, send a kudos to your teammates to recognize their achievements and contributions. Kudos points can be redeemed for perks such as shopping, dining, lifestyle and entertainment. Cultivate a heart-warming employee rewards program that aligns with your company’s core values.


Ease Transitions through Integration of Tools

Effortlessly integrate with other HCM systems and third-party partner systems. Manage and communicate to your workforce from one stress free and intuitive HR hub.  

HR Cloud is a firm believer in the power and effectiveness of a healthy internal communication platform. This is exactly why we developed Workmates – a complete internal communications hub, designed as a team engagement, collaboration and productivity tool for business. Find and connect with anyone on any channel, whether it’s by phone, chat, group chat, text, email, Skype or Hangouts. It also allows for everyone to get connected with a company directory for sourcing your team’s information quickly.

Workmates unites employees, fosters company culture, and changes the way teams collaborate. Bring Workmates to your company to:

  • Increase Productivity: Share information across teams, keep everyone in sync and improve employee performance.

  • Strengthen Teamwork: Post comments and start discussions. Work together effectively as a team.

  • Support Innovation: Empower employees to share thoughts and ideas through and internal social platform that promotes dialogue making communication fun.

  • Drive Recognition:  Encourage employees to recognize their peers and be recognized for a job well done with kudos.

  • Enhance Engagement: Polling, measuring and analyzing groups/employees’ values and engagement.

  • Connect Your Company: Communicate and engage with employees in multiple and remote locations. And, with mobile communications to those employees without laptop access.

Each company is different therefore, each HR software solution is different. We’ll show you how our Workmates employee engagement platform can transform internal communication, collaboration and participation within your organization.




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